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Occupational injuries may be scary and confusing episodes which leave the victims with many questions. These steps have ramifications on your health, safety, and ability to successfully put in a claim for compensation depending on the steps you take after the work-related occurrence. Regardless of whether one is a current employee or has just started working in Brisbane, it is always behove to be ready for such events. Here are the main things that you need to do in the event of an accident at workplace:

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1. Seek Medical Attention

It is also important that you take care of your health since it is advised that you should put it first. In case you or any of your coworkers get injured, there are emergency response protocols in place that should be followed to ensure they get medical attention as soon as possible. If there is no improvement, call for an ambulance and seek the help of the nearest hospital or medical-care centre. It can therefore be quite concerning to shake it off as a small bump or a scratch only to discover that there is much more to it than that, hence the need to seek the services of a professional doctor.

2. Report the Incident

Report the accident at the workplace when the accident occurred as a result of carrying out his/her duties. It is important we go through this step for legal and insurance requirements. Reporting the injuries also depends on workplaces so be sure to follow the set rules and regulations. Also, note down the name of the person you contacted and when and at what date and time the report was made.

3. Document the Accident

Try to gather as much data as possible on the accident regarding the date, time, the places, individuals and entities directly involved among others. Document the scene with pictures, your injuries and take photographs of the machinery, if any. If there are witnesses, try to get their contact information and their testimonies about what they saw in detail. Documentation should be very detailed to ensure that you will be compensated when you file the case later on.

4. Keep Detailed Records

Always keep copies of all medical records that were made as a result of your injury, as well as all the medical bills incurred. Make sure to always retain the paper or online forms with medical records such as prescriptions, doctors’ reports among other documents. This information will come handy when developing your claim and assistance from workplace injury lawyers Brisbane will be beneficial in this process for your case.

5. Give Your Union (if any)

Union: If you are a member of a union, notify the union of the accident. There are also other sources of support that a union can offer its members regarding handling of injuries at the workplace and workers compensation.

6. Understand Your Rights

Learn about your rights as a worker in Queensland, specifically in case you get injured. Workers compensation benefits may be available to you if you have sustained an injury while on the line of duty. These advantages can include hospital or medical bills, rehabilitation charges, and a part of the salary lost due to disability. A knowledge of your rights can assist in an effective filling of the claims.

7. Seek Legal Advice

It is recommendable to seek the services of attorneys who have expertise in compensational issues to help better your chances of success. Workers compensation lawyers Brisbane know this legal procedure and can provide useful assistance and legal representation. Speaking to an attorney can help to make sure that every benefit one is entitled to is received and seeking clarification on any benefits that may have been denied is advisable.

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8. Make a Workers Compensation Claim

Once one has been attended to by a physician, it is advisable to report the matter to the employer and then proceed to file for workers compensation. Your lawyer will also be of help in preparing and filing other documents with the relevant departments. This step is very important especially when it comes to after accident financial support during the healing process.

9. Follow Up on Your Claim

Keep in regular contact with your employer, insurance company, and legal representative to stay updated on the status of your claim. Promptly provide any additional information or documentation requested to avoid delays in processing your claim.

10. Focus on Recovery

Finally, ensure that the recovery commodities or services are the best they can be. Listen to your doctor, make sure you attend all appointments which have been scheduled with your doctor, and make sure that you follow all the prescribed treatments. Not only does a successful recovery straighten your health, but it also enhances your capability to staunchly advocate your intention of recovering your ability to work.


Suffering from a work accident may turn out to be harrowing, but certain actions that are taken right from the onset can help greatly when it comes to the whole process of healing and seeking compensation. Reporting the case to the doctor, informing the incident, writing down everything that happened, learning your rights, and contacting expert Brisbane workplace injury lawyers will help you avoid numerous pitfalls on the way to recovery.

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