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Taxi trucks are just like taxi cabs: convenient and quick

In the busy world of delivery services - amongst the logistics, the traffic, the tight schedules - you’ll find a lot of jargon. Like most industries, the road transport industry has a lot of words and phrases that are specific to them. Take for example; long haul and linehaul, or taxi truck and tautliner. 

Before you decide on what kind of delivery you need, and with certainty who you are going to hire as your delivery provider, there’s a bit of demystifying to be done. Taxi trucks are one of the most useful kinds of delivery services but taxi truck is a phrase that is perhaps unfamiliar to someone outside of the transport industry. 

Although taxi truck might be an unfamiliar phrase, most of us are very well acquainted with taxis, or these days, the various rideshare options available. For simplicity's sake, we’ll stick with taxis here and show you how taxi trucks are similar to taxis in their convenience and reliability - as long as you hire them from the right place! 

Taxi trucks can be organised at short notice 

Taxi trucks can be organised on the day you need them, or booked in advance if you’d like to get organised. Just like a normal taxi, you get a dedicated vehicle and driver who arrives at your pick up address when you specify. 

Taxi trucks are best hired by professionals 

Much like you wouldn’t accept a ride from a stranger at the airport offering cheap trips to the city, it’s best to always hire a taxi truck from a professional transportation company who has:

  • Great customer reviews: this is the most revealing way to judge a transport company - happy customers are hard to fake!  
  • Been in business a long time: usually, the longer a company has been around, the more reliable they are, take for example DSE Transport's 30-year road transport success.
  • A stellar safety record: check that the company regularly services their vehicles and that their staff adhere to road safety guidelines.  

Taxi trucks are dedicated to your delivery 

In the same way that you don’t share your taxi with a stranger, your goods don’t share their truck with any other deliveries. This means there’s less chance of a delayed delivery or confusion at the drop-off point.

Much like an Uber Pool, if you’re happy to pay a bit less for a delivery that takes a bit longer there are other delivery options where your goods can share a ride. 

The ease of a taxi truck might just be the best solution for your delivery but make sure you do your research to find the best taxi truck provider in your area. 


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