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Flying safely in and around non-controlled aerodromes is the focus of the latest pilot safety seminar from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Toowoomba next week. 

Most Australian aerodromes are in non-controlled airspace and Australian Transport Safety Bureau statistics show there have been more than 60 incidents, including mid-air and ground collisions, in or around non-controlled aerodromes in recent years.  

CASA’s aviation safety advisors host free seminars for pilots at locations around Australia year-round to encourage pilots of all experience levels to refresh their knowledge and improve their safety.  

Next week’s seminar in Toowoomba will give pilots practical tips about flying efficiently and safely at non-controlled aerodromes and discovering the CASA resources available to support them.  

CASA’s Tim Penney says flying into non-controlled aerodromes poses its own hazards and risks for pilots.  

“At the seminar, we’ll spend time discussing looking and listening out, radio calls, procedures, pre-flight planning and supporting systems in your aircraft that can help pilots manage the risks and fly safely into and out of non-controlled aerodromes,” Mr Penney said. 

“We also use case studies to see how things can go wrong and how pilots can be prepared to mitigate those risks to fly safely.  Whether you’re a novice or have been flying for years, we’ve designed this seminar so pilots of all levels of experience will get something valuable from coming along.  

“Plus, there’s the chance to talk about local safety issues with other local pilots in your area – it’s always valuable to hear the perspectives and questions of those pilots with whom you share the sky.” 

Pilots are welcome to raise any local safety issues and ask questions about rules and regulations. 

The Toowoomba aviation safety seminar will be held on Saturday 19 November 2022 at 4pm at the Oaks Toowoomba Hotel. 

Book online for the Non-Controlled Aerodromes – Manage Your Risks seminar. 

Photo: Kristoher Allison/Unsplash