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The Sunshine State's new Energy and Jobs Plan represents a great leap forward in delivering clean energy, thousands of jobs, and multimillion dollar economic opportunities for the Sunshine State, the Climate Council says.

“Queensland has substantially raised its renewable energy target to 70 per cent by 2032, with a $62 billion investment in regional communities, good jobs and clean power for all Queenslanders. This is a big step forward for the Sunshine State,” Amanda McKenzie, CEO of the Climate Council, said. 

“With its Energy Plan, Queensland has set itself up to cash in on the global transition away from polluting coal and gas, while bringing coal workers and regional communities along on the inevitable journey. It’s great to see that 95 per cent of the $62 billion spent on this plan will be invested in the regions.

“This now puts Queensland ahead of the big states for their 2030 renewable energy targets. Queensland is now aiming for 60 per cent by 2030, compared to Victoria which has pledged 50 per cent by 2030 and no specific target for New South Wales.

“Queenslanders have already suffered enormously from climate change-fuelled floods and fires. This plan puts Queensland in a prime position to tackle climate change and make the most of the clean energy revolution. But, the closure of highly polluting coal and gas will need to be accelerated to protect communities from the ravages of climate change.

“The great work Queensland has started today must be accelerated with a rapid replacement of coal and gas-fired power by clean, cheap renewables over this decade. There will also be no need for any new fossil fuel projects.”

“The sense of momentum towards a clean future in Australia is inspiring. Every Australian state is now in a race to the front of the net zero emissions, clean energy pack. The further and faster states go on reducing emissions, investing in clean energy technologies like renewables, storage and energy efficiency and phasing out fossil fuels, the more benefits they’ll unlock,” said Ms McKenzie.