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Are you looking for the best car accident lawyer in Queensland? You need effective legal representation if you’ve been in a traffic accident, were involved in a motor vehicle collision, or sustained an injury due to someone else's negligent driving. Our list of the Top 10 best Queensland car accident lawyers can help guide you on your journey to justice.

With years of experience fighting for clients and taking on insurance companies and at-fault drivers alike, these experienced Queensland personal injury law firms will ensure you receive the compensation and legal advice you need to succeed. So, if you are looking for the best lawyer for your personal injury or accident claim in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or the Sunshine Coast, you can trust our list of Queensland’s top car accident lawyers to guide you to a successful compensation claim.

Whether you need legal advice for a CTP claim, compensation for an injury, assistance with an accident insurance claim, or legal representation for a personal injury, these experienced professionals are ready to assist. Rely on their many years of personal injury litigation expertise to provide you with sound legal advice and expert representation.

When you have a road injury, find the best personal injury lawyer to inform you of your legal rights and get your deserved compensation. Check out our list of Queensland's top 10 car accident lawyers to get deserved justice when you suffer a loss. 

Everyone’s circumstances differ, so we recommend you check with the Queensland Law Society when choosing the best lawyer for your personal injury claim.


  1. Splatt Lawyers

Splatt Lawyers is one the best car accident law firms in Queensland. For nearly three decades, their experienced team of compensation lawyers have been helping road users understand their legal rights when harmed in circumstances outside their control. Their expert motor vehicle accident lawyers work with the guidance of Kerry Splatt, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law and the firm's principal.

Whether you have had a motor vehicle accident, cycling accident, motorbike collision, truck smash, pedestrian accident, taxi or rideshare injury or hit-n-run accident, Splatt Lawyers have the legal know-how to deliver the outcome you deserve.

Queenslanders love the Splatt Lawyers 100% No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee. Aren't all no win, no fee lawyers the same? Not exactly. Splatt takes it a step further. Their No Pay legal funding means they cover all your legal expenses and fees until you win your claim, including disbursement fees (the cost of expert reports and medical assessments). Unlike other lawyers and solicitors, they won't ask you to agree to a highly interested disbursement loan. With Splatt Lawyers, you pay when you win and owe nothing if you lose. You have no financial risk for your road accident compensation claim.

Splatt Lawyers have a high success rate of settling personal injury claims, with 99% being resolved without needing court proceedings. Opting out of attending court can result in cost savings by avoiding expensive barrister fees and other associated expenses, leaving more in your pocket. Splatt Lawyer has eight locations in Southeast Queensland, ensuring convenient access for clients. You can access legal advice regarding your rights and claim eligibility for free. So, get started now. 

Law Firm Locations: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Caboolture, Logan, Toowoomba, Bundaberg

Phone: 1800 700 125


  1. McInnes Wilson Lawyers

McInnes Wilson Lawyers is an established Australian law firm with a team of car accident lawyers who operate in Queensland and other major cities. The firm has extensive experience handling motor vehicle accident claims and has a proven track record of securing client compensation. Their inclusion in the Top QLD car accident lawyers list is due to their status in the legal industry and reputation for client service.

Head office: Brisbane CBD


  1. Turner Freeman Lawyers

Turner Freeman Lawyers is recommended for seeking legal guidance regarding road accident compensation. The law firm has several experienced car accident lawyers in three areas of Queensland with a history of successful personal injury cases. Have peace of mind knowing their team has extensive experience handling claims against insurers for not-at-fault drivers. Due to their expertise and reputation, they are considered one of the Top 10 car accident law firms in Queensland.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD


  1. Carter Capner Law

Carter Capner Law is a law firm in Queensland offering car accident compensation legal services. Their team of experienced lawyers and solicitors have considerable knowledge of resolving the sometimes-complex accident claims process. Find their legal practice in a central Brisbane CBD location, where their take instruction in a range of road injury cases, including motor vehicle accidents, cycling injuries, truck collisions, public transport accidents and more.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD


  1. Ramsden Lawyers

Ramsden Lawyers are one of Queensland's leading car accident lawyers. With many years of experience in personal injury compensation claims, Ramsden Lawyers have successfully represented clients around the State. Their expertise includes motor vehicle accidents, bus accidents, cycling injuries, and other road-related injuries.

The legal team at Ramsden will review your case and determine the most effective strategy. Rely on their outcome-focused approach whilst maintaining a welcoming and approachable manner. Ramsden Lawyers provide a free initial consultation, and their No Win No Fee policy ensures you have little to lose when seeking accident compensation legal advice.

Location: Gold Coast


  1. East Coast Injury Lawyers

East Coast Injury Lawyers is a Brisbane law firm in the city centre. Their team of car accident lawyers are skilled and experienced in dealing with several types of motor vehicle accident claims, including those involving severe injuries and fatalities.

East Coast Injury Lawyers' legal practitioners know the financial and emotional stress caused by road accidents and collisions. Their legal experts are committed to achieving the best result for every client whilst offering legal services tailored to individual needs. Utilise their solid knowledge of Queensland’s personal injury laws, with a dedicated focus on ensuring clients receive the compensation they seek.

Location: Brisbane CBD


  1. Firths The Compensation Lawyers

Firths are a friendly and reliable Queensland accident law firm. When you think you are eligible to claim car accident compensation, contact Firths for informed legal advice. Find this personal injury practice in the Brisbane CBD area.

The lawyers at Firths have a solid knowledge of negotiating motor vehicle accident claims. Their expertise in compensation law is well-known because they have assisted many clients in receiving the justice they deserve. Whether you've been in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, Firths The Compensation Lawyers help with advice and qualified legal representation.

Location: Head Office Brisbane CBD


  1. Murphy's Law Accident Lawyers

Murphy's Law Accident Lawyers is a Queensland-based legal practice representing clients in personal injury matters, including car accident compensation. From their offices in the Brisbane suburb of Clayfield, they offer no win no fee legal services, providing knowledgeable legal advice for road accident claims.

The team at Murphy's Law are experienced in dealing with CTP claims, insurance claims, public liability cases and more. They understand the stress and emotional trauma experienced by those involved in motor vehicle accidents and strive to achieve the best outcome for their clients.

 Location: Clayfield


  1. Lifestyle Injury Lawyers

Lifestyle Injury Lawyers are a small and dedicated automotive accident law firm located in the Gold Coast suburb of Southport. Their team of experienced personal injury claim lawyers have built a reputation for providing reliable legal advice and assistance, earning them a place in the Top 10 Queensland car accident lawyers list.

The solicitors at Lifestyle Injury Lawyers assist with CTP insurance claims for auto accident compensation, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, bus and tram accidents and more. They understand that road accidents can cause significant stress and disruption to your life, so they strive to ensure you receive your due compensation.

Location: Southport


  1. Butler McDermott Lawyers

Butler McDermott Lawyers is a boutique Sunshine Coast-based car accident law firm providing compensation legal insights from the office in Nambour. You can rely on their accident claim lawyers, who have a proven record of recovering damages for road traffic accident victims.

Butler McDermott is one of the older legal practices in the greater Sunshine Coast region, where their founders began helping injured persons in the early 1900s. Now, you too can benefit from their legal expertise by contacting their friendly team, who have earned their place in the Top 10 Queensland car accident lawyers list.

 Location: Sunshine Coast


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