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You’re standing on a stage in front of 10,000 other men. What uncomfortable topic do you bring up because it needs to be addressed with men worldwide?

You’re standing on a stage in front of 10,000 other men. What uncomfortable topic do you bring up because it needs to be addressed with men worldwide?

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  1. Male loneliness.

    The statistics on loneliness are sobering. Loneliness represents a health risk on par with or exceeding smoking and obesity, increases the risks of anxiety and depression, and increases the rate of aging related dementia by a staggering amount.

    Many of the other serious considerations brought up in this thread could also be at least partially addressed through addressing male loneliness. By having more connections and spaces where men feel safe to speak and be heard, men can talk about violence, depression, drinking and substance abuse, addiction, and help each other find resources on managing stress, relationships, finances, and legal issues.

    I’ve historically tried very hard to create consistent guy’s nights for my circle of male friends, but it’s an absurd amount of emotional and chronal labour. Men lose themselves in their familial and professional obligations and slowly lose the ability to carve out time for themselves or communicate their needs to themselves or others. If we talked about this more, we’d be able to just *talk more*.

  2. Gang violence needs to stop. Lets settle our differences in more constructive, fun ways. Amateur boxing. Sports teams. Starcraft tournaments. Anything other than killing each other

  3. Cancer: The uncomfortable ones; colon, prostate, penial and testicular.

    Lost my one grandfather and 2 of his brothers to colon cancer. My other grandfather had prostate cancer but fortunately it was caught early. Professor in college was diagnosed with penial cancer part way through the year and had to take leave of absence, never heard what happened to him. Acquaintance had testicular cancer and eventually beat it but it was a bad road.

    Yes it will require shitting on a stick, things being shoved up your ass and someone else fingering your asshole and grabbing your junk but they are common enough cancers that can be detected and caught early enough to be negligible. If left untreated though the consequences can be dire, ignorance is not an answer.

  4. Sex.

    You shouldn’t feel shame if you are not having sex regularly. Everyone is different and you can’t just walk into a bar and go home with someone first night.

    How much sex you have doesn’t make you any more or less of a man.

  5. Miscarriage and how fucking heartbreaking it is.


    Edit – on the suggestion of u/BigD1970 it could be “Miscarriage and how fucking heartbreaking it can also be for men”

  6. I bring up how we need to implement mandatory paternity testing for all children before a man signs his name on to the birth certificate.

    The problem today is that the vast majority of us who have children have no reason to suspect that our woman is cheating. And this emboldens a culture where asking for a paternity test would get you immediately ostracized and shunned. Because how dare you not trust the mother?

    And it leads to men getting their lives ruined by spending decades unknowingly raising a bastard child.

    We have solved more complex problems before, so we can for sure solve this one. Let’s make paternity tests cheap, easily available, and a part of standard hospital procedure during childbirth.

    We will need to work together for this because the opposite sex is going to absolutely hate this idea. The government is going to hate this idea too, because it will result in a net increase in the amount of single-parent households. But we can’t continue to sacrifice men for the convenience of the government and the other sex. We’re not expendable. We’re not wallets. And if we can run the world, then we can sure as shit protect ourselves from paternity fraud.

    Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

  7. That we need to stand up for ourselves and for other men.

    Call out women and when they’re sexist and do it in numbers, do not allow sexism to be redefined so it doesn’t apply to men. Hold women to account the way you would be.

    To do anything else, to give women one inch nobody would give you is to treat them like infants who need to be protected and harms other men.

  8. Why are there so many victims of rape and molestation and so few victimizers? All those victims can’t be liars and some of you Casanovas ignored the “NO”.

  9. Financial abortion. Once a woman gets pregnant, she has a choice to keep it or not. Her partner has no say in that matter. I wouldn’t change that but I want the legal right to not pay for the kid or have anything to do with it, if she keeps it. Just because she wants a baby, doesn’t mean I do. Why am I enslaved by her choice?

  10. How to adjust our social norms back to men treating others with respect and dignity while holding themselves accountable for there personal conduct.

    No more predatory behavior, no more weak and spineless cowards.

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