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You somehow found out a woman you like masturbated to you, what do you think?

You somehow found out a woman you like masturbated to you, what do you think?

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  1. I’d be extremely flattered and never mention it to her as it could be quite embarrassing. Masturbation is where fantasy lives and even if it’s someone they know it’s still a fantasy.

    You could be picturing some loving romantic scenario straight out of a bodice ripper but she may be fantasizing about you in leather being her devoted pet and licking her thigh high boots clean. Someone’s fantasies are their most private thoughts unless they choose to share and should not be brought up.

  2. To all of you saying you would have sex with her or make her fantasy a reality.. lol.

    Just because a woman has a fantasy involving you does not mean she actually wants to have sex with you. I fantasize about people I’d never actually want sex with pretty often, so keep that in mind!

  3. I was once told by a buddy I worked with that he had gone drinking with a few other coworkers that included the one good looking girl in the office. They were playing “never have I ever” and apparently she said “never have I ever had fantasies about (my name)” and then she drank. (I wasn’t there for this) But hearing this news blew my mind. 1. I didn’t think I was anything that special. 2. To know this hot woman was doing that while thinking of me both humbled me and stroked my ego at the same time. Nothing ever happened between us, but the story has stuck with me forever.

  4. My best friend of over 21 years told me she had a few times in the past.

    Me and her have a VERY open communication relationship.

    When we were kids 21 years ago, we got drunk in the woods and I felt her up and almost did more with her, but she stopped me.

    She told me maybe 3 years ago that for a few years after, she had masturbated while thinking of that night and in her fantasy, we went all the way.

    But she is now like my sister and rather than being blown away, it made me feel human. I have a hard time with being a Borderline and bipolar 2, and have struggles with self esteem, self worth, etc.

    She explained to me that it meant nothing overall. It was just something that had a “what if” factor to it and she never would have fucked me even during her masturbation moments. Just like I have fantasies, she does too and it is easy to sexualize anyone and not necessarily want sex with them if it ever came down to it.

    It made me feel like being sexual is ok, being desired is more than just a physical trait, and that you never know who’s mind you could be on.

  5. Had this happen recently. Didn’t believe it. Still don’t believe it. We’ve had sex since then, but the idea that someone is so attracted and turned on by me that they’d want to touch themselves? Nah. I’m not a bad looking guy I think, but I don’t ever think I’m THAT attractive.

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