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You meet the female version of yourself, what do you ask her and what activities do you do with her?

You meet the female version of yourself, what do you ask her and what activities do you do with her?

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  1. A female version of myself? We’ll probably hit the gym, lift a lot of weights, then eat a lot of food after. Can’t imagine a romantic relationship or even sex with a female version of me though. We’d end up killing each other.

  2. I suspect it would start in a battle to the death, both of us understanding that only one of us can survive.

    But about four or five minutes in we’d both be too exhausted to continue, then get tacos.

  3. She’s literally me but female? Oh, we gonna bang!

    Edit: Just realized if she was literally me only female then she wouldn’t really be into dudes. Maybe she’d give it a shot. Ya know, in the name of science or whatever.

  4. Haven’t psychologists done some sort of proof that the only possible outcomes would be immediately fuck, immediately kill each other, immediately walk away and ignore them, or some combination thereof? That might just be an exact clone of you though.

  5. I feel like I met the female version of myself. I was crazy about her, then after a few months and a failed attempt at a relationship, I actually realized that I don’t want the female version of myself, I want someone different that can take me out of my comfort zone.

  6. Eh, I’d see if she was up to bang.

    If not then that’s fine, we could probably just play some videogames together or some shit. If she’s genetically exactly like me then that kinda sucks, I think we’d make great friends though.

    Maybe I overestimate how tolerant I’d be of my own BS, but I like to think we’d get along.

  7. Unpopular opinion: I think, that she would be cute and I would cuddle with her. Thats because I look sometimes in mirror and just think “Wow, look at the eyes, face and body of this guy, he has pretty cute and handsome features.”, so I suspect, that she would be pretty good-looking

  8. I’d describe myself as chaotic good so I could only imagine just batshit crazy convos while stoned off our asses.

    And adopting every dog within a 50 mile radius.

  9. Assuming she dresses normal for her gender I would mainly ask her questions about make-up and dresses and then we could go shopping for those sorts of things together.

    If she was instead a complete gender flip of me in that she also wants to crossdress but like a dude instead then same sort of thing but we would be helping each other out fasionwise in regards to our past experience.

    A lady version of me that dresses like a dude, what a bizarre thought. Omg, we would be like Jesse and James from Pokémon.

  10. “How are your knees?” And “Want to go fishing? I’ve got dinner in the crockpot and we’ve got time ’cause it will be a while before it’s done.” 🙂

  11. We’d be great friends. We’d work out together, have great inside jokes and have the decency to leave each other alone and give each other space because we like our alone time.

    We wouldn’t want to date each other because we’re both ugly as hell.

  12. What would happen most likely is that we would stare at each other then simultaneously go “ what the hell are you staring at?!” Run at each other, punch each other like 5 times rolling on the ground. Then take our clothes off 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. I’d ask her how the family is. Do you live with Nana and Papa? Did mom and dad stay together? Is mom still alive? Did dad leave or stay?

    I’d see if she has any differences like hobbies, health, career choices, childhood events, recent events, more or less friends, and opinions.

    As for activities we’d probably smoke pot together and talk. Maybe I’d ask to see her naked just to see what I would look like.

  14. I have actually thought about this before. It definitely helps that I am my own type and meeting a girl version of myself is just about the best thing that could happen to me. We would both be equal levels of competitive and extremely horny so it would probably go: meet -> challenge to pokemon/smash bros -> fuck for hours -> cuddle and ask to get married.

  15. This is interesting … at first I think it would be awesome. Assuming this person is *just* like me but a female if that even makes sense lol I think I would know exactly how to approach them and what they would be comfortable with. I’m not very social but I would know myself well so that would make things easier I think. Then again after some time I could see resentment building maybe from being too similar lol. I’m sure there’s been a few tv shows or movies that show this trope

  16. In what sense is she the female version of myself? Identical temperament (i.e. personality traits and cognitive style)? We’d probably have little in common and definitely wouldn’t get along very well. My temperament is too combative and individualistic for that.

    Identical temperament and interests? Now we’re getting somewhere, but we’d probably not have much of a reason to spend time with each other; since I assume she’d have enough friends to be happy and either be in a committed relationship or wholly uninterested in dating. I also would probably develop feelings for her and break off the friendship to protect myself.

    Identical temperament, interests *and* life situation? This is where it strains the thought experiment too heavily. I can’t picture this being the case, since my life situation is uniquely male.

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