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You lose interest in a woman once she does or says what?

You lose interest in a woman once she does or says what?

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  1. Uses emotional manipulation tactics in response to something she didn’t like. Trying to instill jealousy, insecurity, anger as a way to “get back at you”. Instead of you know, talking about her feelings like an adult.

  2. When she gets annoyed as her attempts to make me slightly jealous as a test don’t work. My lack of insecurity translates as “omg he doesn’t even care” in her book lmao

  3. I found that a lot of women will try to use sex as a means of dictating a partners behavior- IE do this and get “rewarded”, don’t do what I want and get “punished”

    It’s a pretty quick way to end a relationship

  4. I tend to look down a lot on women who actively seek to be treated better, because they are women.

    I’m not talking about common courtesy or being nice, I’m talking about women who will be angry at you if you buy a round of drinks for your friends groups and the drinks supposed to go to the women aren’t more expensive for example.

  5. As soon as she starts complaining nonstop about her ex. Honestly, it’s not something I really need to know, and frankly speaking, how you talk about your past is usually indicative of how you will talk about your current

  6. Getting angry at things early on in the relationship,Big red flag they have issues. Yelling at someone you’ve known for 3 weeks for something silly or unnecessary?

  7. Being superstitious/ very religious

    Can’t live on her own (not having skills to cook, clean a house, doesn’t know how to earn money, being very dependent to put it simple)

    And the worst for me: not having critical thinking

  8. If she’s able to condemn an entire group of people off hand. I don’t hate her, but I don’t want to pursue anything after that. I don’t need to date someone that can’t be bothered to think about others.

  9. Can’t hold an intelligent conversation.
    Treats someone disrespectfully or is arrogant.
    Doesn’t show gratitude.
    Brings up the word “drama”, pretty much in any context.

  10. As soon as she starts playing the “getting mad at you for literally anything”.

    I usually end breaking up after the 2nd or 3rd time she does that.

    TL;DR: Basically passive-aggressive actitude.

  11. A coworker of mine said she was gonna ask another coworker if he could her her move into her dorm and ignore him for the rest of the semester after that. They go to the same university. I’m sure there’s a word for that but yeah, that.

  12. When she tell something related to past relationships and reveal how fast she started dating with someone else after breakup. It’s like, “you can’t stay alone for a while or at least respect for the split during a time, right?” I don’t like those girls, feels like they don’t have meaningful experiences and just go from one to another and another.

  13. For an honest answer that’s not the obvious [insert thing most people already strongly disapprove of], my romantic interest disappears if she is religious.

    I will of course still be willing to be friends (depending on whether or not they’re a dick about it), but it creates a mutual incompatibility for partnership. I will never convert (how could I? You can’t make yourself believe something you don’t), I will not change my opinion on the harm organized religions have done and continue to do in the world, and I will not be able to understand why they believe what they do and why it’s so important to them. If religion is important to you, you don’t deserve to have a romantic partner who doesn’t understand and who secretly wishes you would just drop it already.

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