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You guys got any comfortable shoes for jobs where you’re standing/on your feet, for a long time?

Recently got a job at a warehouse which will require me to either stand or at least be in my feet for around 10 hours 4 days in a row. I’ll need something with rubber on the bottom, but do guys have and recommendations that are comfortable?

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  1. I love New Balance shoes. I do have custom insoles that help 100%.

    You’re not going to like hearing this, no one ever does. However, posture is super important when standing for serious amounts of time. Most of us, (and I used to) stand peg legged solid legs. After a couple back injuries at work, my Surgeon educated me on my posture and then my Physiotherapist worked with me on it.

    **Soft knees**. Let your legs hold your body up. Don’t lock them like pegs.

    **Tuck your pelvis in slightly**. At first I fought this one, but it kept hurting my back. They’re right, tuck that pelvis in.

    I feel your pain, I used to ship packages 10-16h shifts. Man I wish I had soft knees then. Now I’m in healthcare and shoes and posture are huge! As well as body mechanics. Be careful and have a great shift!

  2. If you like western style boots (cowboy boots) I fuggin love Workhog boots from Ariat. I wear them at work all the time and I can handle standing on concrete floors all day with no trouble. They’re around $180. Good Luck.

  3. A well built work boot. Something like a White’s Boot, Nicks Boot, etc. even better if you can get a boot made locally that is built upon a last custom fitted to your foot.

    You’ll spend a lot but it will last many years, provide support you likely have never experienced and they are rebuildable.

  4. If your feet hurt from standing you need orthopedic insoles, custom made for your feet.

    What is comfortable for someone else, probably will not be comfortable for you, because your feet are different.

    They aren’t that expensive, and if you need the extra support which they provide (you do if your feet hurt), its definitely worth the money.

  5. I wear sketchers as regular shoes. They look ugly and clunky but they’re the only brand that I’ve found (and I’ve tried over 28 brands) that care about people with wide feet. If I need boots, I’ll stick with Timberland.

  6. Their shoes and boots paired with an insert if needed are amazing.



  7. I don’t know if you have one by you but I recommend checking out a newbalance store. They’ll help you find the right shoes for you I got myself a pair and I felt like I was standing on a cloud when I tried them on.

  8. Worked in kitchens and restaurants for years- the Birki Porfessional rubber clogs have saved my feet and legs and back over many a 15+hour shift on my feet running around. They are super slip resistant too. Maybe not the best for a warehouse (and definitely not the most fashion forward) but Birkenstock makes a bunch of boots too I believe and I’m sure they are pretty inline comfort and slip resistance wise. I’ve tried other shoes at the recommendation of my other chef friends or other shoes to be more visually appealing working FOH but keep coming back to my “Workenstocks” as I call them because on your feet for that long daily it’s function over fashion baby!

  9. Birkenstocks sells an Alpo pro slip on runner clog that nurses and cooks like. I buy at a local store and have them switch the synthetic foot bead for the natural cork one that forms to your foot. Been wearing them for years on concrete floors.

  10. Youdidnt specify, so if youre mainly standing at the same workstation, get yourself some nice anti fatigue mats. Concrete is TERRIBLE to stand on all day.

  11. Most warehouses also insist on toe-protection… I do not know if Rockport produces safety-shoes (I wear high end Rockport dress shoes in my job), but, by all accounts Keen, and Merrell seem to produce very comfortable work boots, including those that have toe-safety ratings, and sneaker-styling

  12. Good insoles like the ones you heat in the oven so they mold to your foot. Also remember a pair of shoes support is usually long gone before most people would consider them wore out. That’s where lots of peoples aches and pains come from.

  13. Worked in a warehouse before. My recommendation is comfortable and durable. My go-to shoes were New Balance although the break in period was a bit stiff. I also had a pair of high top Adidas that were heaven. They cradled my feet and were flexible and durable. Spend the extra for good shoes, as all the walking and various warehouse duties really tax you feet.

  14. I found some comfy no-slip shoes at wal-mart for like 30 bucks. Don’t know the brand or anything though. I just tried some on until I find something comfy. I work at a waffle house. I stand for 7 hours a day and my feet are fine.

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