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WOW: Weed of the Weekend

Another week, another weed, I’m sure many of you will recognise this one especially if you catch the train…and look out the window instead of scrolling r/brisbane

What are you doing this weekend? Lots? Nothing? Do you have a garden? Do you have two hands? Do you have small people that have two hands and can’t say no to helping?

Well, lets see if you can put those hands to good use…

# I present our Weed Of the Weekend: Castor Oil Plant

[ Castor Oil Plant, *Ricinus communis* ](

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* A large robust shrub often growing 3 m or more in height. Its thick, hollow, hairless stems bear large leaves up to 70 cm across.
* These leaves usually have 7-9 finger-like lobes and the leaf stalk is attached to their undersides.
* Separate male and female flowers are borne in elongated clusters (8-15 cm long), with the reddish female flowers on top and the yellowish male flowers below. Its capsules (10-30 mm across) are greenish to bright red when young and covered in soft, blunt spines.


* The seeds of this species are extremely toxic to humans and livestock
* A weed of creek banks (i.e. riparian areas), dry riverbeds, waterways, roadsides, railways, disturbed sites, pastures, gardens, neglected suburban areas and other waste areas in tropical, sub-tropical, temperate and sometimes also semi-arid environments it out competes native flora and dominates the landscape if left unchecked.


* Cut stump
* Foliar spray
* Giving it “the finger” has been known to disgruntle elderly specimens


**On a personal note:** I hate this plant, I just straight up think it’s ugly. I used to catch the Cleveland line into the city and let me tell you, now you know about this, you will see it EVERYWHERE. Tell your neighbours, tell your mother, let’s get this bastard.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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