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WOW: Weed Of the Weekend

# I present our Weed Of the Weekend: coral berry


[coral berry, Ardisia crenata](


* Small upright evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves.
* Alternately arranged leaves are relatively thick and have finely toothed margins.
* Fragrant flowers are white to deep pink in colour and are usually covered in numerous minute black spots.
* Showy bright red berries, which hang down in clusters, can remain on the plant for months.

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* It is particularly invasive in rainforests and other closed forests, in these regions it has been observed to dominate the forest understorey, often in conservation reserves, and may reach densities of greater than 100 plants per sqm.
* The native plant diversity is substantially reduced by the presence of this weed, regardless of its density or the site history, and it can also reduce the light levels reaching the forest floor by up to 70%, potentially shading out seedlings and preventing the regeneration of native plants.


Complete Removal

Foliar Spray



# Grow me instead!

[Graptophyllum ilicifolium, holly fuchsia](

Purchase link: [](

Let me know if you order one!

They’re also available at Paten Park Native Nursery (in The Gap)

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

*Useful links:*

Paten Park Native Nursery local plant search – no idea what to plant? This database is superb:


GroNative App on App Store and Google Play

Habitat Brisbane (volunteer removing of weeds and regeneration of bushland): [](

Grow me instead (alternative to invasive plants for your garden):


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