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WOW: Weed Of the (long) Weekend

# I present our Weed Of the Weekend: Dutchman’s pipe

[ Dutchman’s pipe, Aristolochia elegans ](


* A climbing plant with slender twining stems and broad heart-shaped leaves.
* There is a small ear-shaped leafy structure at the base of each leaf stalk.
* Its unusual tubular flowers (up to 10 cm across) are cream and reddish-purple and have a broad heart-shaped opening.
* Its cylindrical capsules (4-6 cm long) have a short projection at their tips and split open from the top when mature. These fruit contain numerous tear-shaped seeds.

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* Like many other species of exotic vines, Dutchman’s pipe (Aristolochia elegans) competes with and replaces native plants via its smothering growth.
* It readily invades dry rainforests, lowland rainforests and riparian vegetation, replacing native vines and preventing the growth and regeneration of other native plants.


* Cut stump **THEN**
* Foliar spray or stem scrape ([](


# Grow me instead!


[Australian sarsparilla, Smilax australis](

Purchase link:[ ]([](

Guys I’m really sorry, but I cannot find any online purchasing for this (or any other) native vines. As I continue to do these posts, it’s becoming apparent how little Australian plants have been propagated and commercialised for domestic use.

This makes me really sad, but I’ll continue to try and find the best info and resources so you can get your hands on these.

Let me tell you…PPNN is %%%%ing holding it down. Please get out there and purchase from them, more demand means more and better supply.

[]( is where to look to see if they have the plant in stock (of which they do for Smilax australis).

Also if you want to know a little more about this plant (because I had no idea about it), read here: [](

Thanks for continuing to support these posts; you’re enthusiasm helps me make these each week.

Stay safe and enjoy the holiday on Monday!


*Useful links:*

**Paten Park Native Nursery** local plant search – no idea what to plant? This database is superb:[](

**GroNative App** on App Store and Google Play

**Habitat Brisbane** (volunteer removing of weeds and regeneration of bushland):[](

**Grow me instead** (alternative to invasive plants for your garden):[](

Attend a free tree planting day: [](

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