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Would you ever share your partner with a friend? Those who have- how did it go?

Would you ever share your partner with a friend? Those who have- how did it go?

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  1. No, not in a committed relationship. I’d love to have a threesome or partner swap or something like that, but wouldn’t want to risk doing that with someone I’m in love with.

  2. both me and my gf both wanted mutual exclusivity at the start of the relationship.

    so no. if at some point one of decides to want it to be an open relationship, then i’m likely wanting to get out of it.

  3. Always fantasized about it, but I probably couldn’t handle it in reality. Depends on how seriously do I take my relationship. With my last ex – it definitely wouldn’t work. With my previous ex – oh yeah, wouldn’t care, she’d probably even be into it.

  4. No. To do that some conditions have to be met.
    1. The girl is into that sort of thing
    2. The friend is into that sort of thing
    3. I am into that sort of thing.

    All 3 are never really true. It could be possible, I won’t rule it out, some nonchalant Relationship, nonetheless extremely unlikely. Haven’t done this before either.

  5. …. Maybe.

    But seeing as I’m bisexual it would be less “sharing her” and more of a threesome.

    For me it’d either have to be a girl that was into my wife or a guy that was into me or a swinging couple.

  6. “Share your partner” She shares herself with whomever she chooses. You don’t own her.

    My ex made a deal with his best friend, without my knowing, to swap partners. Best friend got a raw deal, and not in the good way.

  7. Don’t know, maybe? It seems like a far fetched idea. Sounds hot but I just don’t see that happening honestly. Don’t know a friend I’d ask this either.

    If my partner came with the idea and a volunteer I think I’d be open with it. But no promises.

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