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Workers of Brisbane, how is your workplace tackling the Vaccine social measures on the 17th?

**Not a Vaccine vs no Vaccine debate, just a discussion to see how places are handling it.**


Retail worker here, apparently I will be standing at the doors denying service to all unvaccinated people like I’m airport security, it’s so sad but it’s a chain of command scenario here, If I don’t do it, I don’t get paid, I can’t pay bills. The worse part is we have to lawfully demand and be shown any exemptions if brought up as well – I’m practically security at this point.

What is your work place doing?

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I know Supercheap Auto and Woolworths has given their employees a deadline to vaccinate, I’ve seen some locals who have worked there for 10+ years leave.

I heard (Please fact check for me) Mcdonalds will be takeaway online for the safety of their employees.

A pub down the road is providing employees security training to handle confrontation.


Some businesses are already getting a head start like below. *Censored for their protection*


Reminder: Please don’t abuse us, we are just doing our jobs making pennies.


Edit: Adding this link here for context: [](


Edit 2: Thank you so much to everyone who has participated in this discussion and expressed their thoughts.

Thank you to u/Traditional-Leek-314 and u/blackholeinyoursoul for confirming my statement about Mcdonalds.

Thank you u/MousseSuspicious930 for the award, I’m not sure what it does but it’s my first ever Reddit award thing.

Stay safe guys, try not to alienate people, and at the end of the day, we all want to return to our bedrooms happy.

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