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Women often complain about not having big pockets like guys do. What are some feminine products that you wish was socially acceptable for guys to use?

Women often complain about not having big pockets like guys do. What are some feminine products that you wish was socially acceptable for guys to use?

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  1. my little backpack/knapsack is basically a purse.

    well, no lipstick. but lots of little things I tend to use frequently. mini backup drives for the computer, notebooks, checkbook, etc. I like to keep it all consolidated in one place.

  2. I own a couple kilts. In my opinion it’s skirt for a man. I think they look cool and they’re super comfortable. However they bring to much attention. I wish I could wear them without all the extra attention.

  3. Lotion. Can everyone stop believing men only use lotion to crank down?

    We have skin too

    Edit- yes I use lotion, but have gotten comments from people all my adult life for having lotion in my bathroom as a single adult male. Don’t tell anyone about my bedside bottle for my dry knuckles 💅

  4. I’m pretty confident in my masculinity that I don’t think there are any products that I wouldn’t use just because they were for women. If it meets my need then I’m gonna use it.

  5. Backless spaghetti strapped tops sure look tempting when the forecast is looking at 40+ degrees celsius next week. Just being able to wear muscle shirts in semi-professional setting would be nice but something even more airy would be a treat for sure.

  6. Skin care products. I sweat and then get pimples. I would enjoy having clear skin. Try going to Sephora as a bearded man looking for skin care products and see all the weird and uncomfortable look you will get from customers and staff.

  7. Who cares what’s socially acceptable? I wash my face with 3 products then braid my hair before bed every night. Hasn’t affected my dick and balls negatively yet, but I’ll keep you posted in case using the wrong scent causes my boys to shoot back up in my body.

  8. Makeup. Nothing crazy, but as someone who has suffered from facial flares from psoriasis, some foundation or concealer would have been a lifesaver. When it happens, I just have to wait it out and say it’s sunburn or allergies if someone asks.

    Although I’ve worn eyeliner and mascara for a halloween party once and it made my eyes look amazing, so that wouldn’t go amiss either.

  9. For anyone whose complaining, just use the damn thing. I dont see how any of the things here aren’t “socially acceptable” for men to use. Lotion? Shorts? Chapstick? How are these things to complain about not being able to use? Just use them who cares

  10. My prior gf used to practice make-up on me to see how it would look. I honestly actually really liked the feel of lipstick. Nail polish also despite it feleling weird. Like it feels tight but not painful. Dunno how to describe it.

  11. Jewelry. I like the idea of accessories that show off your personality. I know men can traditionally wear SOME… but I want to be decked out in magic charms and shit.

  12. Shoes.

    Go to any shoe store or department. There are tons of different styles and options for women. Guys get athletic shoes, work or hiking boots, and the meager selection of dress and casual dress shoes. Maybe if we had more options we’d buy more? I know I would.

  13. Not a product, but we seriously need to revaluate business appropriate attire for men. I fucking loathe wearing a suit in the summer and my 3 block walk from my parking garage to office is miserable in summer heat. Really fun wearing a t shirt, dress shirt and suit jacket with pants when it’s north of 85 degrees. Made better of course by the women in the office wearing dresses and complaining it’s too cold when we turn on the AC.

  14. I have bleeding hemeroids often and steal my wife’s pads for her period sometimes. Don’t worry I make sure to check what kind they are and buy a new box when we need them.

  15. Ponchos. I see loads of girls wearing them throughout the year but guys would be laughed at or called gay if they did(at least where I’m from). They’re badass cause what guy wouldn’t want to look like a Wild West gunslinger. Plus it’s a concealed carry dream.

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