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Without words, how would a woman know you love her romantically?

Without words, how would a woman know you love her romantically?

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  1. I arrive at her house. I ring the bell. She opens the door. I stare at her, and slowly point to the Shrek 2 DVD with Extra Features I have in my left hand. And that’s when she knows

  2. Well there are said to be 5 love languages but you’ll have to figure out how your partner receives love.

    Quality Time: one-on-one time, giving her your full attention

    Acts of service: doing something for her that needs to be done (if she’s stressing over the laundry do the laundry for her)

    Physical Touch: anything from hold hands to hugging to getting dirty, damp, and deep.

    Words of affirmation: this one goes against your ‘without words’ request but includes things like “I love your hair like that” or “I’m proud of you for finishing that thing you did”

    Gift giving: I once heard the best kind of flowers are the ‘just because’ kind.

  3. You gotta show them that you listen to what they say, and at least pretend to be interested in their interests. For example, I fuckin love Star Wars, and my ex wasn’t a fan, but she still went out of her way to learn about it so we could talk about it, something like that just shows they really care about you

  4. My boyfriend doesnt say it much -when I say it to him he just says Gay maybe 9/10 times. But he often touches me, hugs me from behind, scritches my hair on the way past, cuddles in bed even though he gets really hot, generally tries to be near me if I’m doing something: if i’m cooking he periodically wanders in to check i’m okay. He gets me drinks and let’s me pick what we watch on tv at the end of a long day in work (even though I’m pretty sure he dislikes some of my shows!)

    When my grandmother passed, he drove 4 hours to sit with me,spent the night cuddling me in bed (he over heats easily and cuddles don’t normally happen because he just can’t sleep) and then baby sat my puppy all day whilst my family went to the funeral. I know had he been allowed (covid rules) he’d have bought a black suit and come with me.

    I’m very verbal, he’s very physical. We’ve learnt each others love languages.

  5. Let’s say I have a busy schedule, if I make an effort to talk to you it means I love you or if I try to make you smile for example I’m in the army and my girlfriend was also in the army.

    I was supposed to be able to go home when she was released to celebrate with her but sadly I was denied to go out the base so I ordered her flowers

  6. How guys show their love: punch on a shoulder? Kidding… Everyone’s a little different.

    I would say if they’re spending a bit of time with you and they seem interested they like you.

    If you look at them and they have a wider stance and puffed larger chest, they’re trying to scare a dangerous animal or they’re trying to impress you subconsciously.

    Romantically, I’d try to do something that makes them feel appreciated/show that I listened/care.

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