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Without flat out telling you, what is a way a girl can let you know she likes you?

You always hear about how men don’t pick up the little signals we send, is their any you do pick up on? When have you thought she might like you?

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  1. I’m going to need an explicit and detailed statement. I’m not going to mistake subtle signs for actual attraction any more after that cashier incident of 2017.

  2. Oh we pick up those signals. The problem is they’re the same signals you send to guys you aren’t interested in too. I think every guy here has experienced the “I wasn’t dropping hints, I was just being nice” thing

  3. Smoke signals, morse code, charades, write a strongly worded note and rubber band it to a reece’s peanut butter cup and lob it at my head, buy me a Husqvarna 701 Supermoto, skywriting, elaborate step-by-step clue game like that movie The Game.

  4. As a lot of people have pointed out, we live in an era where any mistake can get blown to epic proportions and the last thing any of us want is to be mistaken for a sexual predator, so unfortunately from here on out, we do need you to give us the green light and we need you to be as obvious and upfront about that as much as humanly possible because if you ain’t been paying attention, when we’re wrong, we’re f***** and even when we’re right, we’re still f*****.

  5. I’m gonna need her to motion at her lady parts with those safety light wands they use at the airport while say my name in a loud but clear manner before I take the hint. I’d recommend just telling the dude but what do I know.

  6. I think you should be straightforward.

    If you dont want to, try to be more playfull, more touchy and just barely opening up but somehow avoiding showing full intent. Like, making 80-90% of the move. It wont be subtle, you will still have to be brave, but it MIGHT have more chances of setting off some actions on his part.

  7. Real talk just ask the guy out. As a guys you can get in a serious situation if you misread a signal. Honestly I still don’t understand why people rely on the idea of this anymore. You like the guy say so ask him out for coffee, drinks, etc. The risk of get hung out to dry, having police involved, labeled a creep, or something is gonna make a lot of guys very hesitant.

  8. I dunno. Make a motion with your hands and mouth like you’re eating a popsicle, all while maintaining eye contact? That might work, although that might make you look worse than just flat out telling him

  9. Touching was probably my first “ohh she likes me” but I do understand it’s not nice to go up and touch people so tread lightly with that one. Maybe ask them about their ideal type of date🤷‍♂️

  10. Every girlfriend I’ve had, was the one to tell me she liked me. Women do the same things when they’re just being nice, and when they’re genuinely interested; it’s confusing to men.

  11. I always pick up on “hey.” It may seem simple but it clearly shows romantic interest. I also respond well to casual conversation that I would easily have with a plutonic friend. The weird mating game a girl creates has a practical purpose that waste no one’s time, so I instantly understand that they are mature enough for me. But if I simply use my mind reading powers, I can tell who does and does not want physical contact so easily that we never need to talk about it before hand. HR has dropped all charges out of respect for keeping mind read off on normal days. Not like I even need it. I get promotions just for my incredible ability to answer all things perfectly simply by reading the room.

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