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*&^&* the feds



  1. This is proof of how fucked Australia really is with its politicians investing in big companies who pollute every day. Australian politicians are all hypocrites and fairies. The media is not much better sucking and leaching off stories like this. Leave him alone ya dogs.

  2. We can have our government officials carry out insider trading with our water, we can have corporate enterprise destroy our country and its natural history and resources, and we can turn a blind eye to our corrupt police force, legal system and government.

    But we’re going to go 1 bloke for driving a car into the ocean.

    Is everyone else ok with this?

  3. fuck he put a car in the water , the amount of pollution that factorys produce every day is probably about quadriple what a car produces , they dont even get jail time or fines ,bs if you ask me , free the fish ya dogs

  4. Unfortunately its the world we live in today, this bloke is bringing hope too people with mental illness through laughter and entertainment yet the real grubs of todays society are wanting to lock him up. Sad times we live in.

  5. He has learnt that's it an entertainer to the masses reprimand no fine no jail no big environmental disasters here. Get rid of 2 stroke outboards if yours are fair dinkum worried about pollution

  6. Pity he lied and said he drove a car into the sea with a tank full of fuel and oil…

    Deserves all he gets, that'll teach you for dealing drugs and trying to cover up with this crap. Buhaha

  7. Man fuck media and this government, they dont give a fuck about mental health they just want more and more money. I was so shocked hearing this shit on the news what in the actual fuck is happening in this world right now

  8. Omg Damages to the environment really the people can just go and drive the cars in the crate everything they just drive them into rivers and then they get paid for that but then just a bloke like this trying to make good content trying to make people laugh giving to people he goes and gets $1 million of my have to go to girl I can’t believe this

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