Why’d you pass up free ohhh?

If you and the w̶o̶m̶a̶n̶ human are both available (single or in a non monogamous relationship) and they offered you ohhh, why’d you decline?

EDIT: the general assumption is that you wanted to have ohhh in the first place.

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  1. I don’t like entertaining the idea of a meaningless and vapid fling with a woman. It’s just really uncomfortable as I feel like I would only want sex with someone that I really liked and cared about.

    So, I would turn down free sex, no matter how attractive they were. It’s just really weird to me, personally.

  2. I can think of a few reasons I’ve turned it down in the past…

    – I wanted my own bed for the night.
    – I had taken some substances that might make it difficult to perform.
    – I was really sweaty or unpleasant and wanted a shower first.
    – I was concerned it might negatively impact a friendship (with them or their ex).
    – Just being plain shy and awkward.

  3. I worked 13 hours that day. I was dead tired. It was the first, and literal only time I had ever denied her sex. She acted like I hated her, and thought she was disgusting. Like I had insulted her looks. Like I didn’t want to be with her ever again. Never mind that she denies me for sex like on a daily basis. The one time I did it, it means I apparently hate her. Some women can’t handle rejection.

  4. I hung out with my bro whom I rarely see and we decided to meet a few friends of mine at a pub and at said pub this one girl I never really talked to and was quite sure she didn’t like me talked me up. She just broke up with her boyfriend and came on to me really strong. She tried to get me to go to a club with her and even offered to pay entry. It made me quite uncomfortable so I switched seats to not be next to her but she followed me. Then I switched to another room to talk to my brother who I haven’t seen in a long time and she followed me again. Made me feel more uncomfortable. The even her friends tried to convince me to go to the club with said girl which made the situation even more uncomfortable for me.

    All in all it was just a weird situation I and a first for me. She came across as desperate and needy and that was a real turn off for me so I left

  5. I wanted to sleep with her but didn’t want to wake up next to her so didn’t, also I could have left right after but if the girl wants me to stay then I will so she doesn’t feel bad. Also the ride home would’ve cost money, sometimes it’s not worth

  6. My buddy brought home a really drunk girl and came and knocked on my door and told me there was a girl ready to fuck. I came down stairs, took one look at her sprawled out twitching and giggling unintelligibly on the coach, and I turned around. On my way back up the stairs I heard her puke and came back in the room and my floor was soaked with red wine. I just give him a very stern glare, and it made me question him as a person if he thought consent was possible in that situation. He made a couple other idiotic and morally reprehensible decisions over the course of our friendship and we aren’t friends anymore. He’s a narcissist and a bad friend and just not a very nice person. But when we were teenagers I just thought it was because he was one of those wrong side of the tracks guys. I guess I’m a bad judge of character. I know he has several children that he doesn’t father or pay any support to.

  7. At various times:
    – was getting over someone and didn’t want to be intimate with anybody
    – lack of physical attraction although the other person was not ugly
    – very good looking girl but was moving and didn’t want a fling
    – sweet girl but we didn’t have much in common and leading her on would have been a poor choice

  8. My perspective on sex has changed over the years. I don’t wish to share myself with just anyone. If they’re not my type or compatible with me I’m not interested.

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