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Why won’t you just go to / call your doctor when you’re not feeling well?

My dad has had an incessant cough for probably 5 years now and will not go to a doctor. My husband has been sick for a week with a sinus infection and will not make a telehealth appointment. My friends say the same thing about their significant others. You’re all so “woe is me”, but then won’t do anything about it. WHY.

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  1. I have a lot of faith in walking things off. I wouldn’t budge over a week-long sinus infection, but years of incessant coughing would certainly be a tipping point for me. That’s like asking for bad news.

  2. because there’s a difference between being sick and needing care that only doctors can provide. most illnesses go away on their own, the body is fully capable of fighting off tons of ailments. why go to the doctor when you already know what you’re sick with and already know it will go away

  3. Because then you go through the motions of giving them your health insurance. Then it doesn’t go through. Then you find out that the doctor you thought was covered isn’t covered. Then you’re on the phone for hours trying to get through to the insurance company to get answers. Then you finally learn that they played the ‘git fukt’ card (a.k.a. “changes to your policy lul”) and won’t pay for a doc visit. Then you need to go through the doc’s office because you’re now a “new” patient after going there for the last 30 years and you need to set up an “introductory” appointment with your “new” doctor that has known you since forever. And, finally, by the time your scheduled appointment comes after 3 months (yes *months*): you now feel better, have a big bill from all these tests they want to do and you’re wondering why the heck you even bothered in the first place.

    It really is less painful to suck it up, gimme a glass of water and just let me sleep it off in peace, please.

  4. Because I don’t want to pay $150 for some dox to tell me to go home and drink fluids.

    Also I have zero patience for any form of that man flu bullshit.

  5. Alot of people seem to think it’s masculine pride. Truth is most men don’t care about their masculinity.

    To me It’s just an inconvenience. Why would I go to the doctor for a simple cough? For all I know it could be nothing. Of course I agree that we all should still go, just in case. I just value my time too much.

    Also it might be that we don’t want to inconvenience others or make others pity us. I hate feeling sick and people taking care of me.

  6. Because more often than not they never find an actual diagnosis and you just get put on pills to “help the symptoms” than prevention or cure if possible and it’s a waste of time and money. Plus now it is 5 years it isn’t cancer or terminal so must just be a chronic issue which doubtfully could be remedied. These drugs usually also come with a side effect worse than the issue, and a huge warning how once you start this drug, never stop, or it causes issues.

    Yeah, no thanks.

    A sinus infection is usually almost always viral, so no drug exists to speed up recovery, and how would a telecall help the sinus infection?

    I remember when I went to a doctor about a cough a few years back. I’m from the UK and we have these posters of “Had a cough longer than 3 weeks?”

    “you’ve had a cough for more than 3 weeks (persistent cough)”

    This was 2017 odd so to the pandemic obsessors: calm your tits.

    My wife nagged me after 2 months of having a cough to see a doctor.

    I went, and the GP said “It’s just a cough, it will go away, stop wasting NHS time”.

    I organised a day off work and had to sort loads of timetabling out for a 2 minute appointment saying I shouldn’t be there while he literally sat next to a poster, I shit you not, of this:

    I pointed to it and left his office.

    We know when we’re truly badly ill and need medicalisation.

  7. Well cuz A. What if they want to do the finger in the butt thing rite away. B. I don’t want to know in how bad shape I’m really in and have to start taken pills. C. General rule is if I’m not bleeding or have a fever, I’m doing fine “this too shall pass” just what I tell the old lady.

  8. Someone speaking from experience here male 35 years old with alot of health problems (diabetes, a rare version of heart decease, and while I post this an enlarged spleen). One if the most frustrating things is to take time to go to a doctor pay money etc. Is for us to be downplayed it is not anything to be worries about. I have a great doctor that took sometime to trust. Told me to go to ER while I was having a hard breathing and coughing up blood. Only to be told that I was having an allergy to gluten which my doctor called me to tell me to come in because that was BS. Another time I told my wife I needed to go and she was teasing me telling me it was nothing turned out to be a hernia and I had to have surgery. It sucks when you know something is up and nothing else is done. If it seems like there is a major problem though they will decide to get help when it feels like it is getting in the way of life.

  9. Because I have no time for doctors took them a year to find a injury in my knee that left me unable to walk some days. Same with a shoulder injury causing a deep throbbing pain almost non stop after sleeping on it for a long time or training

    Every doctor I have spoken to in Scotland at least is a useless idiot with a massive ego and talks to me like a I’m a bag of shite

    My brother is severely autistic and was in icu with a fever and pneumonia they put him in a coma

    Then after not listing to a word at all from us they pulled him out the coma still connected to everything of course my brother who is non verbal as well freaks out try’s to rip out the tube in his lungs helping from break chokes a nurse with his other hand trying to pull everything out of him nearly killing him

    So yeah I have little to no trust in the nhs I won’t go to the doctors unless my legs hanging off and at that point I will phone my private health care for a operation

  10. You’re not sick until a doctor tells you you are. I was perfectly healthy until I went in to have a persistent cough checked out. Ended up with asthma and coronary artery disease. Never could identify the cause of the cough though.

  11. My general rule is if I can get up and get my normal activities in then no doctor is needed unless it just won’t go away. If it lasts more than 2 weeks, I should go to the doctor. Most things go away in that time.

    I still get my yearly check ups. Last time I went to the doctor for something else was back pain. My back hurt so bad I needed help to get out of bed and toe my shoes. Went to urgent care after a day passed and it only got worse. They charged me like $200 and gave me some pill that after looking at the bottle I found out it was the same thing as advil, just a bigger dose. Didn’t help at all. Not a fun recovery time.

  12. I don’t understand the woe is me part. I don’t go to the doctor, because I never went growing up, and I’ve always gotten better without them. However, I’m not gonna bitch at other people because I won’t get medication, I’ll keep that shit to myself just like everything else.

  13. If I need a finger reattached, i’d probably go to a doctor, but otherwise, they either aren’t interested or capable of helping me.

    I don’t feel the value in being a job creator for someone that makes more than me unless they actually help.

  14. Most of the time for me, I just feel sick for like a week max and then be fine. If I feel like something is terribly bad, I do go to doctors. But most of the time it’s just wait it out for me.

  15. Because I live in a country with healthcare that is either public, free and where you have to wait for hours and hours to see someone (even in case of emergency) or private, fast and extremely expensive.

  16. Just FYI if it’s inside of a week it’s probably not a “ sinus infection” and more likely a virus or common cold. However if it’s not getting better or actually gettting worse after 7-10 days it’s more likely bacterial and needs antibiotics.

  17. You get a sinus infection you can go to the doctor, pay for the privilege, they’ll write a prescription, you’ve gotta go pay for it and pick it up, and you’ll feel better in a week or two.

    Or you can just not do anything of that, and you’ll feel better in a week or two.

    One of those options is clearly better than the other.

  18. Too troublesome, no time, costs too much, I have other priorities.

    But those are just excuses I give.

    The real reason is because it doesn’t really bother me enough to deal with. Yes, it feels terrible but not enough to deal with.

    In modern terms, they would call this “toxic masculinity” only because these people don’t understand men. I would argue that this type of recklessness and disregard for personal safety and hazard has had an evolutionary benefit to humankind.

    It’s how men do irrational things like drill into the earth, cross the ocean, and other similar things. Women being generally smarter and cautious about health and safety has had its own benefit for humankind.

    In fact, there was a guy who posted the other day on brisbane how he put off going to the docs for stomach pains. He said it was really bad but he could handle it so he put it off, and by the time he went, the doctors found something had ruptured inside. It almost killed him.

  19. >Why won’t you just go to / call your doctor when you’re not feeling well?

    Mainly because they can’t find anything wrong, but happily give out pills, whose side-effects are way worse than what I’m suffering from….

  20. The same reason why a female patient won’t get medical as often when they ring the nurses, but men tend to get them at the first ding.

    If its not killing us, or we can work through it without seeing a doctor its better. I can’t afford the time off from work to see a doctor, it would cost me a weeks worth of work to see one and get some of the things fixed that I can live with.

  21. One time I waited in hospital waiting room for about 6 hours just to have the doctor tell me to get some rest and drink water. This is why I don’t just go to the doctor I’ve been there before and gone through all this bullshit just to have a doctor tell me that.

  22. Because I’m American and 99 times out of 100, the Doc’ll say “Yeah, it’s a cold/flu. Just drink lots of fluids, get some bedrest, you’ll be fine. Also I need $50 now, and $350-500 a month from now as a “surprise” because no one knows what the fuck the insurance will actually pay at any point.”

    So what’s the point in losing $500 to be told to do what I was already doing?

  23. It’s a hassle, so many bad experiences where I’m paying a lot of money for an “expert” who tells me the same thing I was able to google, and often seems more than happy to try to push some otc remedy I already know of. Honestly I’ve lost faith in their abilities, and it’s difficult to find a good doctor that actually worth what we pay.

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