Why/how did you lose the one that got away?

I was going through a rough patch financially and emotionally and I pushed her away until she could not handle my attitudes anymore, so she left. She was incredible for real. The typical girl next door, the one you take home with your parents but lowkey freaky (you know), great ambitions, m3d school. Simply perfect. I broke her heart with my shit and I might never forgive myself for it. What about you?

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  1. Wish I fuckin knew. Things seemed to be going pretty well for a while then it kinda started to feel like I wasn’t a priority in her life and things tanked pretty quick from there. It really sucks in a lot of ways since we were great on paper, it just didn’t work out in real life.

  2. Russel the One-Eyed Muscle just has a mind of his own, I reckon.

    Sometimes, when I get nervous… I go deep into the woods, get naked, and then just let the mean squirrels and talking weeping willow fuck tree make fun of my pp for looking the way it does because I like being myself. Also, I do it cause I like the abuse, but that’s normal probably.

  3. Thought she wasn’t single when she was so I never took her up on her flirting, friends pushed us together that’s when I found out she been single for awhile but she had been talking to someone online who was going to vist in a few weeks. So kinda got dumped as she wanted to see where it would go with him. They been dated for 5 years married last year, they’re my best friends. You win some you lose some don’t dwell on it

  4. It was the perfect storm of me letting my PTSD beat me down to the point I had to isolate but didn’t feel I needed to explain anything to her or anyone else combined with our mutual very close friend playing a weird push pull game with us. The friend alternated between trying to push us together too much too fast and then not wanting to share either of us with each other. That led to me comparing the friend to my manipulative ex and things never irreparable from there

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