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why don’t some guys listen to female artists?

some people ik think it’s a feminine trait to listen to female artists, but i love listening to pinkpantheress, holy shit her music is so good

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  1. Cuz. They’ve got the cooties. Don’t you know that???

    Seriously though, I enjoy listening to female artists, too. I do listen to more male artists however.

    I think the reason why I listen to more male than female musicians is because men tend to make the kind of music I enjoy, while women tend to make other types of music. The same is true for literature.

  2. Because they’re dumbasses. Music is music, if it’s good it’s good.

    When I lived in Brooklyn there was a local music store, most of it was hip hop, but they had Kenny Rogers as well, I asked the owner about that and he said “if it’s good music why not?”

    Music transcends.

  3. I don’t think they give a shit about the gender of the people they listen to. Frankly, I can’t imagine what this thought process would be like. Why should I care about the gender of the artist? We ain’t fuckin’. I’m herr for the music. If it’s good, I’ll listen.

  4. It really depends on the genre for me. EDM? no problem. Some singing with good vocals/theme? All day. Now today’s rap? Count me out. I could give a shit less regarding what Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B have to say about their vaginas. That happens to be a large amount of popular female music where I live. I respect that women like it and it has its place in the music world — just not for me.

  5. No idea. I love me some lovely and awesome female vocalists across various genres.

    However…I can’t listen to female rappers, at least not most of them. I’m sorry! But I can’t.

  6. Seriously, we all know the answer to this.

    Do I have to say it.

    They are cunts, stupid fucking misogynistic cunts.

    I am not in this sub often, and i will happily delete this comment if it is too offensive mods, please let me know.

    Edit: Ok sorry, I know this was a harsh comment. But if relating to any form of art that could be construed as feminine is weak, then please refer back to my original comment.

    Music is Eartha Kitt, Kate Bush,Aretha Franklin, Tori Amos and Joan Jett etc, not just guys!?!.

  7. So, lets imagine a woman and a men both creates a love song, or a lack of love song.

    Womens are gonna hear the womens song, mens are gonna hear the mens song. Why? Because of how u feel.

    A woman will is not so likely share the same experiences of a man. Because of that, she is more likely to relate to the song of another woman. She can understand and feel better the point of view of the singer, because she probably felt the same thing.

    A man is not likely to share the same experiences of a woman. Because of that, he is more likely to relate to the song of the man. He can understand and feel better the point of view of the singer, because he probably felt the same thing.

    Thats mainly the point. Of course there are exceptions. Personally, i like hearing paramore for example, a lot. I dont really care about the gender of the singer, and i think this is most likely the case. The thing is, when a woman creates a song, there is already a level of experiences i will NOT understand. I was never a woman, i never lived as a woman, so i cant relate to a thousands of the feeling the woman will want to transmit. Of course this is not ALWAYS the case, like, sometimes womans or mens can sing about topics that EVERYONE an relate to, like bullying, feeling alone or something like that. But if a woman sings about how she feels about her family forcing her to marry someone… thats a feeling i wont understand, in the same way a woman may not understand the feeling of a male singer singing about the pressure he goes for the expectations of being “hard and manly”.

    And then there are some people who just tries to look more manly and because of that they refuse to hear anything that could be “girly”, but those are assholes.

    Anyway, excuse me, ill go to hear a loop of Girlfriend from Avril Lavigne for a while.

  8. Well, it appears that the only people responding to this are people who don’t actually know why. So: I shall endeavor to explain.

    My music tastes, for context, are mostly rock, metal, and alternative. FFDP, Disturbed, A7X, Miracle of Sound, Aviators. I despise the absolute shit out of almost all variants of pop, and almost all variants of rap, hip-hop, and EDM. Dubstep is a no-go.

    For my taste in music alone: I don’t listen to any female artists– apparently because it’s mostly men who make the music I enjoy. The only female vocals I hear are back-up singers.

    But, more than that: listening to a female singer simply irks me. Even in private, where there’s no self-consciousness: it makes me feel like a tool. Like an idiot– uncomfortable. I’m fine if the female vocals are in an opera-song, for example, but anything else just unsettles me.

    I make no apologies, and whether this is the case because of “misogyny”, or what have you, isn’t my concern. Even if it is, I don’t really find myself giving a shit.

  9. Like not listening to Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, etc? If that then it’s understandable a lot of their songs are written for female audience. It’s the genre of the music not because the gender of the artist.

  10. For me, some genres are just better suited to men’s or women’s voices. While I’m sure there are many objectively talented female metal singers out there, they just don’t sound that good to me with metal. On the other hand, pop music just seems so much better suited to female vocals, and I don’t listen to male pop artists.

  11. My favorite female singer is Lucy Dacus. I love her so much. Her voice and lyrics are magic. She’s touring with my favorite band (Bright Eyes) so I’ll be seeing her live next week!

    I usually like deeper singing voices, so a lot of my favorite artists are men, but I do really like some women’s singing voices. Lucy has a lower, mature voice that sounds really amazing. She sings indie rock.

  12. Some just don’t like any of the female songs they hear. I personally have a fuckton more male than female sung songs in my playlist but it ain’t because of something stupid like thinking it makes me gay or something, just don’t like how a lot of them sound.

  13. Used to do that when I was a pre-teen (granted, all the female artists’ music I’d heard at that point was shit) and then:

    * Monster – Meg & Dia
    * One Minute – Krewella
    * Stay the night – (Zedd) Hayley Williams

    And soon a lot would follow

  14. I think you answered your own question there. Close minded people who would do such a thing are in the minority. Nothing you or the best female artist can do about it. Most guys I know have no issue listening to female artists. Not sure I’ve ever heard another man say he doesn’t listen to female artists either, but again I’m sure those people exist. Good music is good music, and if someone is belting out a song about the human experience I can connect with, whatever is between their legs (or not) is of no importance…I’m jamming the f*ck out.

  15. Lol I was listening to Fighter by Christina Aguilera on my run this morning and I swear to god no one would ever think that’s what was blasting in my headphones. I also like Sam Smith, does it make me a little gay? Probably actually, now that I think about it

  16. They’re just weird bro. I’d definitely rock to some Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, SZA, Jhene Aiko, Ella Mai, etc. And those are just some great female artist that I can think off the top my head.

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