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Why do so many people block the path?

I go running in the afternoon almost everyday. There are often many people out walking as well. The pathway can probably fit 2 or 3 people across, but often the people walking like to walk right in the middle and take up the entire pathway. I often have to go around them which is usually fine, but not ideal, because the ground around the pathway is uneven dirt/grassy area and I have injured myself before. A couple of months ago, two women would not move to one side to make room for me to pass, so I went around them onto the uneven ground and twisted my ankle. And again today, a lady just sauntering in the middle of the path, so I went off the path because there was no room, then slipped because the ground was full of berries and seed pods and shit. So… why? Why can’t they just stick to one side or move if they know someone is coming? And yes, they always know that I’m coming, because they always turn to look at me as you can hear my running and panting from a mile away. Like how can you be taking up the whole pathway, turn around and see someone coming, then carry on without a care in the world? I really can’t relate.

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