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Why do so many guys have instagram accounts but never post or have one photo?

Why do so many guys have instagram accounts but never post or have one photo?

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  1. I’m a lurker. I like to follow certain things. But have nothing interesting to contribute. I don’t maintain any social media accounts and have found not engaging in social media has done wonders for my mental health.

  2. I think because instagram is so much about validation, alot of guys know that noone really cares as much as girls do with their friends. Its not sexist, its just how it is. Guys dont comment “nice look bro”. They just like and keep scrolling

  3. Well, my sister made one for me several years ago so she could like her own pictures. I have three photos posted, but she uploaded those herself. Beyond that, I don’t even have the app installed on my phone as I have no need for it.

  4. Because a thought that literally *never* comes in to my mind while i’m having a good times is “let’s take a picture of this”. I’m busy having a good time and i remember fine without photos.

  5. Have you clicked the search function on Insta lately?

    It’s fashion, ‘influemcers’, butt/leg fitness workouts and models. But they all look plastic. And it’s all for attention.

    Insta is geared, as far as I can tell, for your Real Housewives and stereotypical gay man fashionista. Why would any sane man participate in that aspirational lifestyle nonsense when there’s, y’know, *life* to live?

  6. Because posting on instagram is about receiving validation from others. Confident men with a purpose do not seek validation from others, so it’s a nonstarter. If a man actually produced content that he was passionate about (such as some form of visual art) he’s more likely to upload and share it somewhere else because instagram is far from being the best place for it.

    Alternate form of this question: *Why don’t guys take selfies*? Same answer.

  7. I personally don’t post Instagram pictures because I simply don’t enjoy it or see the need to do it.

    Yes, I could craft a hand selected roster for myself and maybe even get a couple likes on my pictures, but I don’t give a shit about that kind of validation and usually I’m not comfortable even having my photo taken, so it’s kinda tough anyhow and not worth the hassle.

    Initially, I went on Instagram to look at tattoo artists I’d maybe like to visit (and still use it for that), to keep up with my favotite artists and the occasional Youtuber.

    I don’t have a full profile because I don’t need it. No one wants to look at some random dude anyway. Why bother.

  8. It is convenient to follow and check out hot chicks from the phone through an Instagram account. When you done that enough, the app will suggest you even more hot chicks. Simple.

  9. My friends said I should make one, so I (literally) did just that. Also, I never really see any reason to post anything. If I feel like sharing something that happened, I’ll just tell whoever that story the next time I see them.

  10. Personally I use it because my friends use it and post stuff there that they don’t on Facebook. I’m not big on taking pictures and videos of myself because… I really don’t see a point? I don’t understand selfie culture so I only update my photo when I get a haircut or lose weight or something.

  11. Personally I can’t be bothered cultivating a niche or aesthetic to make it look good.

    Also I don’t really like how I look so I don’t take photos of myself and therefore don’t have anything to post.

  12. Mine is an account like that. I just don’t like sharing my pictures online. I just use the account to find lost friends and see what’s going on with them and talk to them.

    But I haven’t used my Instagram account for 5-6 months now

  13. Reasons:

    1. Most people go on insta to look at girls, so most guys don’t post because it will not get traction

    2. Nothing interesting happened to us

    3. We don’t feel comfortable with how we look and fear cyberbullying

    4. We are lurkers

    Atleast one of these should apply to every male on insta

  14. Because there isn’t much in my life that I think is worth sharing and I’m not insecure and needing validation from internet points. I enjoy brisbane because its just my voice online.

  15. Because we don’t care, and probably only use it to look at women. Let me explain.

    I made an Instagram account because I wanted my tinder profile to look more legit. The problem is that I don’t have photos of myself and only landscapes. So my Instagram profile was full of pictures of mountains, buildings z waterfalls and shit. It made my profile look even more fake. I then learned you can oogle thicc women all day if you really wanted to. At the time, I really wanted to. So I spent like an hour a day scrolling through profiles. I realized it was fucking gross after a few weeks, and delete Instagram all together because I literally didn’t use it at all for anything.

  16. I’ve found that I just don’t care about it. There are few and far in between moments of my life that I think are actually worth sharing with others in a photograph… for the rest of them I can just fully submerge in the moment or take pics for myself without the need to worry if they’re “good enough” for my Ig. It boggles my mind really, the people that upload selfies every day just because.

    I stopped using all other social media other than Reddit and it’s done wonders for me as well. Used to spend hours scrolling mindlessly on Ig, now I just don’t see the appeal to it.

  17. My missus posted a nice picture of me and my son with a cool filter, so I made an account, downloaded the picture and forgot about it.

    From the emails they keep sending me I now seem to share this account with a few people

  18. Instagram isn’t for me. When I had it, it seemed pointless unless I was making money or having a business. I don’t need validation from social media, I get tons of it in real life. One could argue that “it’s to see what your friends are doing”. Let’s be real, it’s essentially a dick measuring contest.

  19. I just get on to see the occasional cool thing and to lurk. Creepy I know.

    It’s actually my second Instagram account. I deleted my first one when I realized I was starting to not like how phony the app is and I stopped caring about most of the people I was following.

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