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Why do I ALWAYS have so much fluff in my belly button?

So from as long as I can remember I’ve always had an infinite supply of belly button fluff. This absolutely baffles me as my girlfriend and many other friends have never had 5his issue!

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  1. Give your belly button a really good clean, then cover it up with a large sticking plaster, like the sort they use for burns. After a week, peel it off and examine your belly button. If it’s full of fluff, it means that it is coming from inside you and you are cursed.

  2. It’s lint forming from your shirt fibers and your stomach hair. trimming up the hair on your belly will reduce or eliminate belly button lint depending on how much you take off.

  3. Same here. When I was born, my father cut my spine (good old days, no midwife had arrived yet) and for many years my belly button was actually a button. At some point it become the more common ‘belly hole’. Recently I notice that whenever I take my shirt off, there’s “fluff” there. I think the only reason is that it’s got no other place to go.

  4. People have already said hair pulling shirt fibers, but make sure you actually clean your belly button too. Letting water just run over it won’t clean it, just think of it as another butthole and clean it the same way.

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