Why change into swim pants at the beach and not at home?

I live in an island in Europe and I go to the beach every day and I keep seeing men (all ages) arriving at the beach wearing trousers and their partners having to cover them with a towel for them to change into their swim shorts. This would make sense if they were wet (after swimming) but it happens upon arriving. I always ask my boyfriend and he doesn’t understand why, as for him swimming shorts are comfortable. Do any of you do this? If so, is there a logical explanation? I just find the whole performance of helping a parter change in public as ridiculous as girls modelling while their boyfriends are enslaved taking photos of them.

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  1. Coincidentally today I went swimming at a beach with my family and changed in the car. That was because we stopped at multiple spots beforehand, walked quite a bit and for that reason I changed in the car. I could never walk around in a swim suit a day because the mesh lining would chafe the shit out of my thighs and ass crack. And, my swim suits don’t have very deep pockets to hold my phone & wallet.

  2. When I walk on my swim trunks my inner-thigh gets burn marks for some reason… might need new trunks.

    I also don’t want to accidentally go into the water with my wallet/phone in my pockets, which has happened before. So I just go with non-swimming shorts.

  3. Because they are swim, not driving, spending the day or do any other thing pants..

    When you say Malta I assume a large number of people you observe is tourists, so it’s not habitual to wear beachwear all day. That said I would not like to either. Don’t forget that swim pants does not necessarily mean shorts.

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