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Why are you guys team ps4 and not Xbox?

Why are you guys team ps4 and not Xbox?

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  1. Peasants.

    On a serious note, not only is the PS4’s hardware better than the Xbox, the exclusives are too. It’s not even a competition for me.

    But PC > consoles, imo. Not in an elitist kind of way, I just really prefer the gaming experience on a computer.

  2. My friends all had an Xbox 360, I got an Xbox 360. My friend’s all got a PS4, I got a PS4. I don’t really care which one I have, although The Last of Us is one of my favourite game series so I’m glad I was able to play both. But 95% of my gaming (which is rare these days) is on my PC anyway.

  3. To me their is no reason to buy an Xbox at all.

    They dont have much exclusive games and the ones they do have are very lackluster. The fact that people are saying backwards compatibility is their main reason they have one is a problem. People should be excited for new games when a new system launches not be excited to play a bunch if old games. Why the hell would I spend $500 on a new system to play old games ?

    Yes Xbox is the more powerful system but Microsoft dosent seem to know how to utilize its power. Even their more graphically impressive games dont hold a candle to how some Sony games look.

    And overall I truly feel like Microsoft just stopped caring. The Xbox brand is just something they keep around for shits and giggles. They even said themselves they dont wanna compete with Sony or Nintendo.

    So with no good games not being able to utilize their hardware properly and putting very little effort. It’s a pretty easy decision to not get one.

  4. My hands are too big for baby back ps4 controllers so xbox was the obvious choice. Plus their backwards compatibility, me being able to play gears 5 on my pixel, and how easy it is to connect with new pet on xbox. Ps4 players IN MY EXPERIENCE don’t wanna play with you if they don’t know you.

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