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Who can I go to speak to if I know there is something mentally wrong with me, but I dont know what it is?

I know I’m not a normal person, and I feel like I can never form any types of relationships, it gets lonely but at the same time I also hate people.

I’m only 22, but I already feel like I’m going to be the type of person who will commit 100% of my time into my job because thats the only way I can be successful in life.

IDK what to do anymore, I’ve tried sooo hard to act normal and make people feel good but I always end up on my own in the end.

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  1. I’m 23, living the same way. I got a therapist and read the book emotional Intelligence with them to learn my feelings. I disconnected from my phone and took time to learn myself and how my emotions and brain work separately but together.

    I would recommend finding help, finding your niche, working on yourself.

    Commit to being a better person and then work your way to putting yourself into new situations, go out and find friends meet people and be yourself.

    Everyone has their own process I believe in you, you can do it.

  2. My comment may seem over the top but I was 22 when I went to seek help with my mild depression and anxiety and things spiraled from there basically from mental health field just throwing meds at me.

    Go to your doctor and tell them you want to see a therapist or psychologist. Your doctor will ask why and will ask you to fill out a form about depression and anxiety usually. Hopefully someone reading this can give a better clarification on this but be careful with that form as if you answer that you’re thinking of harming yourself or others you may be spending a couple nights in a mental hospital.

    I’ve been in one before and it wasn’t too bad but I also have great insurance.

    Anyways after they refer you to someone more in the mental health field be it therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist they will begin to direct you to on what to do.

    Remember in general with mental health you unfortunately need to be somewhat of an advocate for yourself. It’s ok to question what exactly they’re giving you, directing you to do and if there is other options. But also remember sometimes at the beginning of treatment things can get a little weird for various reasons. If anything doesn’t feel right it’s always better to let someone know.

    Depending on your mental state I would suggest getting a crisis plan ready in the instance you feel way too overwhelmed or are having unhealthy thoughts or actions.

    This all might seem over the top with what you’re looking for but you’d be surprised sometimes what can unfold or what happens. So better to be safe.

  3. Therapy is excellent for this!
    My friend, fellow 22 year old here. I also had an extremely hard time with relationships, friendships, and just getting through life in general. School was always a challenge, and I too only really enjoyed working as I got older. Not to mention I’m also a pretty huge introvert. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with ADHD. I started treatment and things have honestly never been better.

    Not saying that’s what you have, but until my diagnosis, my entire life I felt like I was a fish trying to swim up stream. I struggled with depression, anxiety & suicide at a very young age, never felt like I would ever belong anywhere and that it would be easier if I just, stopped struggling, forever. Apologies for getting super personal but, your story sounds very similar to mine, and I thought I might overshare a bit. Life in general when you’re young is just fucking difficult. The transition from kid to “adult” is super rough and jarring, nothing truly prepares you for it. My dms are open if you ever need to vent. Good luck to you!

  4. I agree with the comments that say a therapist is a good idea for you. I’ll add that if you’re in the US and insured, you should check the referral rules for your policy. Some do not require you see a medical doctor first. In your case there are a variety of possible causes for you to have difficulties forming relationships. You might be high functioning autistic. You might be depressed or anxious. You may have an attachment disorder based on the caregivers you received as a child. You might be very introverted and/or shy. There are a myriad of possibilities.

    In the US medical doctors and psychiatrists can prescribe medications, but therapists do not. If you see a therapist and they think you may need medication, they may refer you to a psychiatrist. I would suggest in your situation that looking for a psychologist (someone with a PhD is psychology) is a good place to start. Some therapists have a master’s degree in psychology, some have degrees in social work. Someone with a doctorate in psychology has extensive training in both therapy sessions and abnormal psychology.

    If you don’t have insurance, there are providers who work on sliding scales for determining payment. You may have to dig around online and make a lot of calls to find someone, but they do exist.

    Also, if you don’t feel comfortable with being honest with a therapist, it’s okay to look for someone else you can open up with.

    If you are someone who’s naturally inclined to “deep thinking”, intospection, or just a more serious personality, it’s possible you’re just more mature than your peers. You might ask yourself if you truly hate people or if you’re frustrated and feel resentful due to feeling disconnected from their frivolity, and your resulting loneliness.

    BUT, I’m not a therapist or psychologist! So that’s pretty much just a random guess.

  5. dont act normal. be yourself. seriously, anyone you were to become friends with by acting “normal” wouldnt be friends with you, they’d be friends with the character you’re pretending to be. be yourself, maybe even exaggerate your personality. you may scare people off, but when someone finally befriends you, it will be with the real you.

  6. Doctor, they can coordinate a meeting with a psychiatrist. If prescriptions are needed they coordinate that.

    Also see a counsellor, they cant diagnose you. But theyre the best for getting through it.

  7. I was in a similar place (similar problems too). Then I realized I probably have Asperger’s (I did a test that said I should into it more so I read a bunch on it), now I have a name for it and still don’t really know what to do.

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