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Who are your top 3 most attractive men?

As a straight male I’ll start with mine:

3.- Michale Graves

2.- Chris Cornell

1.- Keanu Reeves

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  1. 1. Michael Douglas, ca. 1989 (around the “Black Rain” era)
    2. Brad Pitt, ca. 2011 (around the “Moneyball” era)
    3. Tom Selleck, ca. 1983 (during “Magnum PI”)

  2. I’ll just mention a couple I haven’t seen yet in this thread:

    * [Matt Bomer](, IMHO, is the epitome of Western male beauty standards. You just can’t get more stereotypically handsome. He’s been great as Negative Man in *Doom Patrol*.

    * [Toshiro Mifune]( was the Japanese Gregory Peck. He starred in a bunch of phenomenal, influential movies directed by the GOAT film director — Akira Kurosawa. If you ever watch a non-Western film, there’s a good chance it’s one of these.

    EDIT: I’ll add [Antony Starr]( to the list. He’s been a great actor as Homelander in *The Boys*, and I’ve heard his earlier show, *Banshee*, had some great sex scenes.

  3. Cillian Murphy (with his peaky blinders haircut)

    Cole Sprouse

    Henry Cavill

    I feel like a lot of actors’ attractiveness is overrated/overstated (mainly due to their fame). Actors like Tom Hardy, Robert Downey Jr, Ryan Gosling, if they remained as normal people (i.e not celebrities), their attractiveness wouldn’t be as highly praised.

    With my 3, Murphy is a good looking guy when he has his peaky blinders haircut (those cheekbones, jawline, and clear blue eyes + that haircut make him look hard). When he doesn’t, I feel like he loses a lot of his attractiveness – plus he’s short (so it’s a very debatable attractiveness). Sprouse is a universally attractive guy, celebrity or not, he’d receive the same praise. Henry Cavill, same as above. He’s a guy I could see getting worshipped regardless if he was a celebrity or not.

  4. Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Chris Pratt

    No particular order, based on movies where they were the most in shape, based on who I wouldn’t mind looking like.

  5. 1999: Johnny Depp

    1970: Paul Newman

    1965: Frank Sinatra

    All 3 are notorious for being fun to be around. Newman being really into cooking, Depp with night clubs, acting, and music, Sinatra with music and large groups of talented people surrounding him. I think all 3 are equals in terms of great to be around

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