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Which podcasts do you like to listen?

Which podcasts do you like to listen?

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  1. I listen to The Jocko Podcast. Ex SEAL that talks about self improvement, discipline, fitness, jiu-jitsu, his experiences in the field and the books he’s read and written. His guests are mostly retired service members that talk about their life and combat experiences.

  2. The Glenn Show – Economist Glenn Loury on racial, political, and economic issues with frequent guest John McWhorter

    The Prof G Pod- NYU Stern Professor Scott Galloway on business, tech, and careers

    Conversations with Tyler- Economist Tyler Cowen interviewing interesting guests with fantastic questions

    Lexicon Valley- Linguist John McWhorter on interesting topics in language

    What’s News- WSJs twice daily news podcast

    Lex Fridman Podcast- AI scientist Lex Fridman interviewing great guests

  3. The Savage Lovecast

    No Such Thing as a Fish

    Rebel Force Radio

    Sword and Scale

    All Killa No Filla

    Do The Right Thing (no new episodes, but grab the back catalogue)

    Radio 4 Quiz

    Retro Asylum


    The Infinite Monkey Cage

  4. I’m more attracted to independent, small podcasts. I guess I’m some sort of podcast hipster! Here are some of my favorites:

    **Quite Unusual**

    **The Strange Sessions**


    **It’s Always the Husband**

    **A Teacher and a Crime Scene Tech Walk Into a Bar**

    **True Crime Cat Lawyer**

    **Killin Missin Hidden** —> Full disclosure: My podcast.

  5. My favorites are probably the History of Rome and the History of Byzantium podcasts, but lately I’ve been really digging Lex Friedman, Michael Malice, TimcastIRL.

    I’ll listen to Jordan Peterson’s but really it’s more these commentaries and things that a Christian Reformed Church pastor does on Jordan Peterson related things. The podcast Jonathan Pageau does is good too.

    Less frequently: Hardcore History, Jocko Podcast

  6. Can’t believe I haven’t seen this here yet but the only podcast I’ve ever stuck to long term and thoroughly enjoyed is the Ross Bolen Podcast. Shoutout Ross and J-Bone. RBP gang rise up. If you haven’t ever listened give it a try!

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