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Which food help acne and which don’t?

Which food help acne and which don’t?

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  1. Any clean healthy food will help, drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables and some fruits. Stay away from candy and processed food, and anything high in sugar, sugar makes your face break out in acne.

  2. Okay so you’re gonna want to ditch fizzy drinks (pop/soda) and food containing dairy. Most people who have bad acne just have dietary problems, so maybe try cutting those things out of your diet for a few months and see how it goes.

    Nothing really helps it food-wise in my experience. Just avoid certain trigger foods, shower often, wash your pillows and towels and NEVER pick or squeeze your pimples.

  3. Nutrition is highly debated because people differ and shit.

    Try elimination diets. Simply eliminate non-essencial foods for a few weeks and see how your acne responds.

    Too much sugar and refined carbs. Not enough healthy fat. Not enough water. Dairy differs with people.

    First, drink more water. Always.

    Next, go no sugar and reduced refined carbs for two weeks.

    Next, increase healthy fats (fish, plant-based fats) and reduce unhealthy fats (red meats, dairy, fats that are solid).

    Next, remove dairy.

    Every two weeks, take a picture of your face to see how you react.

  4. There’s junk science abound with remedies for skin and food. So I’d be careful. Work with your dermatologist to get the best results.

    High-glycemic foods (like refined carbs, white pasta, white bread, pretzels, bagels, cookies—any kind of refined, processed foods) have been *linked* with inflammation and acne in particular. “There are randomized controlled trials that show if you swap out some of those high glycemic index foods for low glycemic index foods, including any kinds of protein sources, chicken, pasteurized eggs, vegetables, quinoa, steel-cut oatmeal, sweet potato, brown rice—you actually can clear up acne….

    But, like i said, a study does not make a fact.

  5. After i eat fruit i just put some remains and extra juice from my fingers on the face, i eat an apple than i just scrub my face with the center, i eat some slices of peaches with honey than i put the remaining juice from the plate on my face, etc etc

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