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Which country would you visit if you were to be given a free tour to any? Why?

Which country would you visit if you were to be given a free tour to any? Why?

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  1. American, for perspective

    * France, especially the WWI battlefields in the north/northeast. I’ve taken a lot of French classes and would love to visit.

    * Japan, but I don’t speak Japanese, so the tour would 100% help. It’s definitely one of the “cool” countries to visit, but I’d be really interested in the historical sites and picking up some merch from my favorite video game series.

  2. Australia, but not when it’s really hot there. Australia seems like a diverse place with a lot to see and do. Plus, I saw a study that Aussie women are attracted to American men (I don’t know how reputable that study was but I want to believe it’s true!)

  3. Tie between Brazil and Senegal.

    Brazil – I’m very into African diasporic history & culture and there are several places in NE Brazil that I would like to visit.

    Senegal – it just looks like it would be a cool place to visit.

  4. Japan, for the food, and just other stuff you cannot find in the US.

    Some places in the UK Great Britain, England etc. I just like a lot of UK tv (Top Gear, 8 out of 10 cats, etc.) and it would be cool to have some other fans to talk to about those shows with.

    Maybe Norway, Sweden, etc, I don’t know exactly what I’d be looking for there. But they do seem like interesting places to visit. At least if I have someone to go with who speaks the language, not sure how well an English speaker would do there.

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