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Which country do you like to live in now and why ?

Which country do you like to live in now and why ?

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  1. I could never imagine living anywhere but Wales. Beautiful landscape, clean air, stopping to say hi to everyone because we all know each other (second home owners are doing their best to spoil that bit).

    Just lush!

  2. I live in the US, and honestly wouldn’t live anywhere else. There is a little bit of everything geographically, and in other categories… I won’t get into it, but let’s just say it’s not as bad as you hear on the news!

  3. The U.S. has been good to me, so I’ll probably ride it out here. It’s not as crazy as it’s made out to be in the media. If forced to move I’d definitely go to Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

  4. The US because I was born here, but honestly, I’m not so attached to living here anymore. If I could find the same or better quality of life somewhere else, I’d totally be up for moving. My wife feels the same way. We looked at Canada, but in the places that have even a semblance of a job market, it’s just stupid expensive.

  5. I’m in Canada now, and I honestly don’t see myself leaving. Maybe I would move to Iceland or one of the scandanavian countries if the right opportunity presented itself, but reasonable (aka not hot) temperatures + accessible wilderness is pretty much a must have for me now.

  6. I currently live in the US. If I had to move to another country, my first few picks would be **Canada**, **Germany**, **Australia** and **New Zealand**.

    They are all immigrant friendly countries that hardly have any political and cultural baggage and people care more about the collective well-being rather than their own individual freedom. Just look at how these countries handled the COVID pandemic as opposed to my country.

  7. USA, its my home. Its not as bad as they make it out to be in the news. Every country goes through bad or unpleasant periods, but if everybody left when things werent good who would be there to bring it back?

    I would like to travel the world. Itd be nice though to visit other countries for an extended amount of time. I really love food.

  8. Sometimes I feel like I should go back to the filthy techie ridden streets of Bengaluru (Bangalore) where I can drive like what would clearly be lunatic behavior in the US and still can hear kids arguing about why GraphQL is overrated and how companies should calm the fuck down whenever there is new tech.

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