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Where is a nice place for dinner on Saturday night?

We rarely go out, looking for a nice place, not too expensive that has a good view or surroundings.
We don’t go out enough,so we have no idea. Just for my wife and I. Somewhere with nice character and feel.
I have no idea…

Thanks everyone!

Edit: Dinner is booked! My inability to book with enough notice, only a day to go, and not a week, has limited my options massively.
There were so many awesome suggestions, I think I’m going to pick off at least 10 of the places listed here.

Even yours u/Emjeibi….

Good views, great spot to walk around before and after our meal, ease of parking, and great suggestions from everyone, we are going to the Southbank beer garden. Seems good reviews, prices look good too.

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Again thanks everyone for the awesome suggestions, stay safe, and please go out and support your favorite eateries, they need all of our support.

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