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Where did idea come from that guys with big 31C5s get laid easier?

Repost cause I can’t title properly…

Genuinely confused. Girls (in my circle at least) do not go around sharing and recommending guys with big 31C5s. Also can’t imagine, that asking about it is normal before having ohhh. Or is it porn again brainwashing?

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  1. Larger reproductive organs have often been an evolutionary sign of fertility.

    Humans have the largest penis’ to body size ratio of an mammal in the primate class, meaning on a evolutionary scale men with larger than average penises mated more often than those on the smaller end of the spectrum.

    Whether this evolutionary preference is still present today can be debatable, larger penis’ are a very popular category in the pornographic industry and that industry makes porn based on the demand of their viewers, in that sense there is still a demand and an attraction to that aspect of the male body.

    But we look at much more than just physical attributes now when choosing a mate, much more comes into play than it did in the times of our evolutionary ancestors.

  2. Women. You ever seen women knock down dudes with big dicks through memes? Me neither. You ever seen women use “His dick is probably hella huge” as an insult or to put someone down? Me neither.

    Sure, guys use it as an insult too. But women promote the idea.

  3. I’m not saying that it happens within all circles, but it does happen. The curiosity factor is real. Again, maybe not with all women or even the majority, but there’s a decent amount of women who talk – in great detail – about their partner’s dick.

  4. I really wonder that too because the only thing I’m proud of is my magnum dong and I ain’t exactly getting women lining up for it lmao.

    I mean unless you successfully get laid she isn’t really going to know that you got a big one, how the fuck would it help you get laid? She ain’t gonna just take your word for it if you decided to blurt it out for some reason lmao

  5. >(in my circle at least)

    They do in others.

    There are other ways that rumors can circulate, too.

    >Also can’t imagine, that asking about it is normal before having sex.

    It isn’t aside from women who are size queens.

  6. >Also can’t imagine, that asking about it is normal before having sex.

    It’s not, but it certainly does happen; I got questioned about size by a work colleague out of the blue in the middle of a conversation about museums a few years ago, and no, I didn’t tell her or sleep with her (she was slightly bonkers, didn’t know when not to speak her mind and was a horrendous gossip).

    I think it’s the women like that who colour people’s impressions, and it would only take a small number of them to give the impression that it’s the norm.

  7. All of my close friends have been women, and I’ve been lucky enough to be in that inner circle where I’m privy to the sex gossip.

    In my circles, what gets talked about positively is *skill* rather than size. Like the guys who have their gf’s multiples and had great foreplay and aftercare game, guys who got their gf’s to the point of orgasm easily and kept them there got much more compliments than the big dick guys who invariably think that sticking it in and waggling it a bit was all they needed to do.

    I’m average length but girthy and I concentrate on her pleasure. I’ve had nothing but glowing praise. I know this because my current gf of 25 years has no problem telling her besties all about it in front of me.

    She also has no problem telling me and her friends what a crap fuck the guy was who we had a 4some with who’s dick was easily twice my size. I was there, obviously, and can confirm. While I was giving his gf the time of her life, my gf was lay under big dick, utterly unmoved. It was….a little awkward.

    There’s a fascination with big dicks but only until you’ve had one or two and realised they’re not actually that good.

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