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When was the last time YOU were asked out on a date?

When was the last time YOU were asked out on a date?

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  1. when I was 17 (i’m 37 now). She and I essentially jinx’ed each other on going to ask each other to go on a date, she got there slightly ahead of me.

  2. My current girlfriend asked me out first. We matched on a dating site and I sent her a message about a section of her bio, she said, “it’s a long story, how about I tell you over a drink?”

    It was honestly so refreshing

  3. On a cold approach….. a couple times in highschool. A girl wanted me to go to her prom, but they didn’t allow out of district students so it went nowhere.

    Another girl I met on the city bus. She didn’t have a winter coat so I gave her one I had laying around. She tried to fuck me a few times, but I was pretty oblivious, still religious, and had never even been on a date before. Then her phone broke and we lost touch.

    Otherwise….nah. unless it was someone I met through tinder, but I was still the one doing all the legwork and planning. And it’s not like they gave a shit about me as a human being.

  4. Woman here: I never realized how infrequently guys get asked out. I learn so much reading this sub.

    When I was first dating my boyfriend we happened to be in the same area, so I asked him if he wanted to meet me for a beer. He thought I was going to break up with him- now I understand why.

    To clarify- I didn’t want to break up, I just wanted beer. We are still together.

  5. I’ve had my girlfriend ask “hey can we go to this restaurant?” at points, but she’s never planned a full date. Albeit, we’ve been together for only 8 months, but it’s never happened with another girlfriend either.

    I’ve also never had a girl ask me out in general.

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