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When was the last time you really felt manly?

When was the last time you really felt manly?

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  1. Right now, after 2 hours on a heavy chainsaw. No energy left, but the field is cleared again.
    I love the scent of gasoline and the noise!
    Think i will go inside now, slap my Queen on her behind and take her like a man (she loves that btw)

  2. Whenever I bring in two heavy bags of food. I’m not a particularly strong guy, probably weaker than the average guy but stronger than the average women so bringing in two heavy shopping bags is about my strength limit. It’s a pretty low bar but it feels good.

  3. I do bodyweight pullups off my door-frame pull up bar every day, which is in eye-shot of a mirror. I’ve struggled with bodyweight exercises for a long time, as i’ve always been heavier than I should be. Being able to lift my own body using my arms and back makes me feel strong and thus manlier, at least in my view.

  4. Two weeks ago we got heavy snow. There was a line of cars stuck down the street. A group of us got them all moving. Then I used a snow blower for the first time. We’ve got even more snow today. I’m looking forward to that feeling again.

  5. I was about 25 when a cougar started hitting on me in a club.
    Maybe she was just looking for some young cock, but in my head I got a few extra points on my manliness scale.

  6. I bought a cheap used sideboard. When loading it into my car the feet and bottom frame fell apart.

    No problem, I just cut new wooden planks for the width and glued the planks for the length of the sideboard. Switched out the screws with some that where a bit thicker and longer. Presto, I had a cheap and nice looking sideboard, that I fixed myself.

  7. I dropped an angle grinder at work and cut a 4″ hole next to my knee. Rolled my eyes because I knew I would have to deal with a bunch of paperwork and safety garbage and wouldn’t be able to go back to working for at least 4 hours. Didn’t even care about my injury.

  8. About a month ago I have successfully changed glass panes on my window for the first time and on the first try. It felt great. And my dad was even more excited than I was about it, bragging to everybody, telling how he’s proud of me.

  9. I swapped out a faucet in the kitchen yesterday.

    I do hands on mechanical stuff for a living, but my wife’s reaction to me doing stuff around the house like that makes me feel like a god damned KING.

  10. In 2009, my son was playing Little League baseball and his team was in the championship game. He came up to bat with the winning run on base but got two quick strikes. He stepped out of the box, took a couple deep breaths and then stepped back in. He CRUSHED the next pitch farther than I had seen any ball hit that season. It was only after he was safe at third base that I realized he had just won the game. I was so proud of him and happy for him. It was a really great day.

  11. Some four days ago my car was stuck in up to three feet of snow, and I managed to free myself under the car’s own power with out any external help. I didn’t even have to shovel.

  12. Like really really the last time was when having sex. When you go into that primal mode it feels pretty awesome.

    In everyday life I get the feeling after doing some push ups, doing a really good lap in a simulator or falling asleep without wanting to cry.

  13. True story, and I think an apt example:

    I used to travel 80-90% of the year.

    I think I was somewhere in Texas.

    Nice lady in a neighborhood locked herself out of her house. Using my Dave & Buster’s Power Card, got her back indoors.

    “How’d you do that?,” she asked.

    “Ma’am, I’m a man,” I repllied, with a doff of the Under Armour chapeau.

    “Mmm mm. Yes. Yes you are,” she said, taking me in with her eyes.

    I reckon I blushed a bit, stammering out a

    “Take care of yourself and have a blessed day, young lady.”

    And with that I carried on with my day.

  14. I ran 16 miles in the ice storm that we had this weekend at 7am Sunday morning. It took almost 4 hours with the slipping and sliding around, but I stuck with it an finished it. It’s the first time in a while that I didnt back out of a long run when i started feeling tired/sore. I was proud of that one.

  15. My sister and I replaced our mom’s mailbox for Christmas because it was duct-taped onto the post. Rather than measure anything, we just grabbed a box and bought it. When we got home, we realized that the box was much wider than the post. The old box was secured with some vertical screw things that didn’t look like they’d work for the new one. So we had to find some scrap wood and cut it to attach to the post to make it wide enough to use the horizontal screw holes on the box. And once we did that, we drilled screw holes, but they were just a hair too small, and I stripped one of the screws when it was almost all the way in, but by god we got that fucking mailbox attached to the fucking post.

    Being stubborn about a DIY thing is about as manly as I’ve ever felt.

  16. Yesterday at the gym… I’ve been doing a Smolov squat program the last few weeks and my workout yesterday was 10 sets of 3 reps at 405 lbs.

    Took me an hour to get it all done but I felt like a fucking stud walking out to my truck afterward…

  17. I usually feel manly. Some things feel a bit more traditionally manly than others (splitting wood, lifting weights, building stuff), but I think more people should be confident that they’re manly a.f., regardless of whether they’re doing traditional man stuff.

  18. So my mom has recently switched from buying lighters to buying matches instead (since those are apparently better for the environment). The thing is, I cook quite a bit so every time I light the stove I now have to use matches. And let me tell you, lighting a fire using matches feels fucking manly/awesome.

  19. I’ve never done something and been like, “My lord, this sure was _manly_!”

    I just… do things. Whether they’re manly or feminine, I don’t know, but I don’t really pay any attention to it.

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