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When was a time when you from casual to serious with a girl? What happened?

When was a time when you from casual to serious with a girl? What happened?

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  1. I told her I wanted to be exclusive, since we were both seeing other people. She moved in 4 months later. We got married a few years ago. We’re about to have our first child. Life’s good.

  2. All my relationships started from something casual. At first I know nothing about these women besides my drive to have sex with them. Then over time as I learn more about them and see their true self(Not the representative) I decide which direction I want to take things. You also have to factor in the other women I’m seeing in to so it’s a little bit of a process. Then throw in I’m not jumping into a relationship right away so the girls going to wait a few months. There’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. For me to settle down in a relationship the girl really has to be worth it. A girl being nice and having sex doesn’t move the needle for me. I can get that from anywhere, what else do you provide besides sex. I look at personality, femininity, intelligence, how she makes me feel, and other factors besides sex and beauty. I don’t include things like income, education, property, or material things.

    So with a past girlfriend it clicked on day that I really enjoy her company outside of sex. It was some of the little things she did from the start that added up over time. I remember on date two (Netflix and chill) she came over with groceries, cooked, and cleaned up my place a little. Every we chilled she never came over empty handed even if it was something small. Something else was knew I was planning on starting a garden so she picked up some seeds and gave me a hand written note of encouragement. When she traveled I’d get a little gift from her. We we’d go out she’d pay for dates too or if we did multiple activities she’d cover one. It just hit me one day that I would hangout with her even if sex was off the table, I enjoyed her company. It’s not often that I meet women I really enjoy talking to without wanting something sexual from them or business related. She was one of those women. So next time she asked “What are we” I claimed her as my girl.

    When girls ask this question they need to specify what type of guy they’re talking about. Are we talking about a guy they find attractive aka a dude with multiple dating options. These guys move differently because the large majority of women want them. They have options and can be more selective. Compared to the average guy online who gets maybe 2 matches a month if that and is lucky to go on one date a month.

  3. We were both married and open and wanted to get to know each other better and see where that went. It wasn’t necessarily explicitly casual, but we both said early on that we weren’t looking for the next great love of our lives or anything. After all, most of our time and energy naturally went into the rest of our lives. We saw each other at most once a week, but more often it’s been once or twice a month, because that’s life.

    I can’t say for sure when it got “serious”, but we fell in love over the course of the first six months or so we were together, and have survived a lot of big life events in the years since. Not living together, this pandemic shit has been hard, but we’ve made it through and continue to see each other when we can.

    There’s a stupid amount of love between us, and our relationship is stronger now than it’s ever been. I’m endlessly thankful for what we get to have together.

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