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When people tell you that you need to make more money or no woman will love you, what do you think?

When people tell you that you need to make more money or no woman will love you, what do you think?

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  1. I think they are trying to build themselves up by knocking someone else down. I think anyone making arbitrary superficial judgements like that are the kind of toxic person that has no particular purpose in my life. I think they don’t know me at all. We are all on a path. The path goes through a lot of territory throughout each lifetime. Things change, people grow. Our current circumstances do not define us.

  2. I’ve known a few women over the years who set standards like what profession or how much money their partners make. One girl said she would only date a doctor or a lawyer. She’s now married with a kid to a guy who is a mid level manager in manufacturing. This is a rare and immature mind set that girls will grow out of. And while they have that opinion they are not worth dating. Notice I says girls, not women

    I make good money now because I have worked my ass off, but I don’t not have an impressive sounding job title and I do not have a college degree. No girl has ever said I don’t make enough money for them, or that I needed to improve my job or financial situation. If any one ever would have said that to me, that would be the last time we would have dated.

  3. I know of plenty of women who support unemployed guys who do nothing but drink and do drugs.

    Of course, I wouldn’t date any of those women. They are just too broken to make a good relationship with.

  4. I don’t think it’s necessarily true that “no woman will love you”. However, I personally have found it alot harder to get into a relationship in my late 20s while unemployed and living with my mum. I appreciated the honesty from my ex and a couple of other woman that said ” they would prefer to know that they can be in a relationship with someone who has their life together and will be able to support a family”. So I think that making money increases your likelihood of finding love, as it helps to open doors to women who are considering long-term relationships. Love isn’t always “at first sight”, sometimes it takes being in a relationship for a little while. And on the other hand, sometimes you can be lucky to find someone who loves you for who you are.

  5. Women exist in all socio-economic groups, so I don’t think you can say that no woman will find you as a viable partner. I would say if you’re born into a middle class, your parents are supporting you (keeping you in the middle class), you’re interacting with middle class women then you are probably going to struggle unless they see potential in you (such as you’re going to College etc.) Women rarely want to move down economically & I wouldn’t blame them. Hell, I didn’t want to move down economically from the standards I grew up in.


    There are some men who will date & marry a woman who doesn’t work or gets paid significantly less then them. That isn’t going to be a norm for most women though. They do want someone who can at least keep them in the standard of living they were raised in.

  6. First of i never take relationship advice from single men who’s never felt a woman’s physical touch let alone a relationship (same goes for women), and secondly when they do tell me i ask them kindly how their relationship is going. They’ll usually figure out what I’m trying to say then..

  7. That men are measure for what they can provide, although money won’t get you love ones, but it surely will get beautiful and sexy women. To be safe, you have to be hot, sexy, funny, wealthy and more. MEN are pragmatics bought love is better than no love.

  8. Strange because in today’s world many women make enough to support the both of us, without me having a job.

    And most girls go for bad boys who don’t make a lot of money.

    While people who go for people, who make a lot of money, don’t get loved because their partner is in reality married to their job.

  9. Is she in love with me or my money? That’s the first thing that comes to mind. Do I fall in love with a woman because she has money? No! So it tells me that this type of woman is looking for money. That’s why men who do have money love then and leave them. They knew it was about the money

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