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When is the last time you experienced nostalgia?

When is the last time you experienced nostalgia?

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  1. 4th of July weekend.

    I met up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile. there was one friend in particular I hadn’t seen since 2018, and it was just so nice to shoot the shits with him again!! took me back to our college days.

  2. As of right now I make my living off of nostalgia (I’m a collectible hunter/reseller, if that title exists).

    Every day I find something new (or old, really) that really pulls at the depths of my memory, but unfortunately it’s a pretty exhausting career.

  3. About a month ago, I was home alone for a week and decided to search in my closet for something interesting, I came across an old PS3, my first ever console, my brother bought it for me as a gift for my 12th birthday but also as a souvenir from his first trip to the US. I started playing FIFA 2013 and started crying as memories as me and him playing late at night despite our mum’s advice.

    He hasn’t come back home since 2014, he’s still in the US, he’s trying to get his Visa and told me he’ll hopefully be back home for Christmas, i miss him, I really do.

  4. I was on an acquaintances livestream last night playing halo with them when they set the background music to a cover of the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed main theme, brought me back to middle school and booting up that game on ps2

  5. For the 4th of July, I saw all my siblings for the first time since March 2020. (We all live in different states, hundreds of miles from my parents, so all together at once takes some scheduling.)

    My sister’s husband had been cleaning up while idled from his job, and found some old pictures from my sister’s college graduation party back in the 1980s. They include my grandparents (now all gone), my dog laying in the grass, one’s got my old car in the background. I’d love to visit that afternoon again, hug all my grandparents and the dog, sit in the car for a few minutes, see my old room the way it was. That was a time when my life was easy and fun. It’s not that I don’t love my wife and kids, you understand: I’m happy about the life I’ve made and the people I share it with. It’s just that I loved those people too, and some of them aren’t here anymore.

  6. When I installed Star Wars Battlefront II on Christmas day and started the single player campaign, it was like when I was a kid and got a new videogame.

    I then got an emulator and Rom of the Lion King for Sega Genesis. That was pretty cool.

  7. A few days ago I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. After an hour I figured screw it, I’m just laying in bed feeling too warm and tossing and turning, soon enough I’ll wake up my wife. Instead I got dressed quietly and went out to the living room to drink coffee, play xbox and listen to the sun rise. Turned out some music with headphones on and the first thing the playlist generated was Carousel by Blink 182. Those were better days.

  8. Really randomly last month- I made sandwiches that reminded me of family days out when I was a kid. I’m 50 both parents have been dead for many years and we weren’t even close.

    Strange how it works.

    (egg and tomato btw which were always made for the beach)

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