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When is a man considered a deadbeat bad?

If a man gets a woman pregnant and he tells her from the beginning he isn’t going to be in the child life, and she keeps the pregnancy, is the man considered a dead beat if he isn’t involved? Or is he only on if he leaves after the child is born?

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  1. If he doesn’t financially support the child, he is a dead beat dad. It doesn’t matter if he wants the kid from the beginning. Child is still his responsibility whether he likes it or not.

  2. Yes. If he was involved in the creation and fails to uphold his side then not only is he a deadbeat dad but an utter failure as a human.

    There needs to be a lot more social disapproval of men who think saying “I don’t want it” absolves them of responsibility”.

  3. my dad was a working man but when he was home he was never really there for us. he never wanted to go to a swimming pool never wanted to do anything with us kids now my parents are divorced bcus my dad is a drunk. he pretty much prioritizes his beer above us kids. wich somewhat hurt.

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