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When do you unfollow an ex on Instagram?

And why?

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  1. When you feel it’s necessary for you to move on. If y’all ended on good terms or can still be friends, I don’t really see a need to, but if you’re obsessively checking her page or find yourself unable to get over it, it’s only going to do you good by unfollowing.

  2. I don’t have social media or whatever, so I’m never in this position. If I was I’d unfollow or unfriend them immediately.

    I recently reinstalled a phone game my ex and I use to play. I realized my ex was still on my friend’s list in the game, and I deleted her immediately. That’s the closest I get to this scenario.

  3. Don’t worry about him because the harsh reality is he’s no longer worrying about you.

    But that’s ok though. This now gives you a chance to put that relationship behind you and move on to a new life experience.

    You’ll be fine.

  4. when she gets a new BF usually not bc Im jealous but just like it seems pathetic from my end. sometimes Ill mute their stories bc most people that are young don’t post a ton of posts anymore its just stories so you can mute them

  5. I don’t have Instagram, but I don’t think I would.

    I never clean my contacts. *Anywhere*. I have old numbers from people I don’t remember that I got 15 years ago.

    They’d just stay there for me forever.

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