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When did you stop asking people for permission to do activities?

I was always that girl who asked permission first before taking time off from work, or travelling, etc. I even once asked my old boss for permission to get a second job! He said no of course. So, I didn’t take a second job.

Why couldn’t I just take a second job and then tell my boss my new availability? Like, every week you have to email your available hours anyway. So, I could have just said these are my available hours. I’m a dumbass.

I was being bullied at the job so having a second job could have allowed me to quit the job and have back up. damn

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  1. Idk….I don’t let work control my life. If I’m given X amount of vacation days I use all of them as I please. I use my sick days and I have zero issue saying no to overtime.

    I can’t be made to feel bad about taking a day off and leaving my co workers “understaffed ” that’s no my problem and I’m not in charge of hiring people.

    Life is way to short to allow some miserable fuck head control your life for a job where they wouldn’t blink if they had to replace you.

  2. Never had that problem with permission. To me it was always cut and dry. I had a hard time giving myself permission to turn down people in “need” though…. even abusive ones. Just decided to stop it one day like flipping a switch and my life has been better ever since. Sucks being the guy everyone knows can fix anything.

  3. I stopped when i was about 19-20 years old. When it comes to my life, i do as i please. It’s nobody’s business if i want to do this or that, have a second job or even quit my first job.

    I still ask permission for a few things at work, such as leaving early or using up my vacation days.

  4. I don’t ask permission. I tend to keep things on the down-low and wait to be told that I’m doing something wrong.

    My employer actually DOES have some legal rights to deny outside employment. Not going into detail, but there are circumstances where I can get into a LOT of trouble if I disregard this rule.

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