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When did you realize you were handsome? How did it go?

When did you realize you were handsome? How did it go?

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  1. Never thought I was handsome I guess, I just stopped caring what other people thought about what I looked like and started doing what I wanted to do without the impending doom and anxiety about looking stupid/ silly to others. That boosted my confidence a ton.

  2. (M23)When I noticed women would stare at me when they thought I wasn’t looking. I achieved this by getting a job that’s pretty much just an extreme workout for hours on end.
    I started a facial skin care routine, where I simply wash my face, then apply benzol peroxide to acme and then use moisturizer.
    I started wearing tighter clothes and getting regular beard and hair cuts.
    I switched to drinking water exclusively and making sure I got more vitamins in my diet.

    Unfortunately I’m too afraid of a relationship because I’ve never been in one and I think it’s too late to start, and that’s okay.

  3. In bed with a girl I believed I never had a shot with. She looked me in the eye and said “god you are handsome, I didn’t think I’d get to this point”. Things didn’t work out in the long run but damn my confidence went through the roof after that sentence.

  4. I used to look linda meh when young. After I discovered I did not need to shave anymore, grew a beard and my attractiveness increased. I am happier now at 50 that I was at 30.

  5. I wasn’t attractive or popular at all in high school or university. Over some period of time, I started lifting, dressing like an adult, got a better haircut, etc.

    Don’t know whether it was some combination of the above or that I just “grew out of it”, but I started getting hit on in my mid-20s. Never really happened before. It still feels weird to be considered “attractive” years later.

  6. I was pretty unconscious when it came to my appearance or social being up until i was in my mid 20’s.
    However, I suddenly became aware of what I was doing right and more so wrong. Changed everything from my clothes, body language and the way i spoke.

    One night, I was in a nightclub and cracked a joke at 2 girls walking past me as i ear wigged their conversation. One girl, who was pretty attractive and i would usually avoid out of social anxiety, turned to me and said I was sexy, and not in a sarcastic silly way.

    Nothing like that had never happend to me before that and I knew from that moment i was getting on top of my game. Or was actually handsome to some degree.

  7. About 40 girls got together and voted on who were the best looking guys in school when I was in the 8th grade. I was #1. It was difficult to accept that at the time because I was shy. But I came out of that situation with the understanding that I was at least handsome.

  8. I went to visit my fiancees home country. We went for a walk around the mall there. Everywhere we went, random women were giving my fiancee the stink eye. I asked my fiancee what was up, and she said; ” You’re handsome and they’re jealous of me.”

  9. I am not very good looking. Maybe after 40 beers a woman might consider me attractive at closing time. However, a friend of mine was literally a god in terms of looks. Woman would stop and stare. You could see the lust in their eyes. He could steal a store blind and people would just stare at his beauty. It went very well for him. He was very rich and married even more rich. I would say his net worth is 400 million? I hasten to mention that he was a kind a generous person. Great personality despite his great endowments. I being a personification of ugly worked hard and got ahead. No complaints.

  10. I’ve always thought I was good looking. It was confirmed when I got tinder and I was confused what everyone was complaining about. You just swipe for a couple minutes, message the attractive matches, and wait for the less attractive ones to message you.

    Then I saw tinder on some of my friends’ phones and was like “hmmmmm I might fit a pretty specific ‘type’ for a good bunch of gals”

  11. Not to long ago, after I started taking medicine for mental health issues. I noticed that women looked at me, not because they thought I was a freak, but because I might be generally more attractive than I thought.

  12. My confidence was rising due to circumstances about 5 years ago, in turn I noticed I’m actually fairly good looking. Ended up getting attention from girls at work and other places. Started dating one for a few years but it ended up not working out.

  13. I didn’t. I put in the work to get my physical appearance to one I liked and was proud of. Can’t say that I’m “handsome” given the subjectivity of it, but I like how I look more. And I’m closer to the general societal perceptions of handsomeness in some ways.

  14. Posted a pic on some discord server I was in, online strangers complimented me, then my irl friends complimented me, then family members then random strangers started complimenting me.

  15. 2 of my friends (girls) in 2 completly different moments just said for no reason. I’m sure they were only trying to make me happy by lying, but i choose to belive

  16. I’m not objectively handsome, and I’m not objectively ugly.

    I guess I realised I was handsome *enough* by beginning to date more regularly, and frequently going on dates with and sleeping with women that I found attractive.

    I am more than fine with being handsome *enough* to get by on my personality. I am obviously not some male model, and there’d be no way for me to be confused and think that I was, so handsome *enough* is all I really need.

    Then I fell in love with a girl I started dating about a year and a half ago, and now when we wake up together in our bed, she looks at me and tells me how handsome I am, and I definitely believe she thinks that.

  17. I wouldn’t call myself handsome but I think I am like an 8, confirmed by strangers on the internet as well as people I know (friends and acquaintances). Even though I am in a long-term relationship, I seem to get female attention more than most my friends do (except the prettier ones). It also hit me when I realized that the way girls look at me and talk to me is not the norm, and that my average looking friends have different experiences.

    I always used to be very conscious about my looks for unknown reasons (also possibly because I was not very pretty in puberty). Consequently, it took a long time for me to actually comprehend that I am not below average, but well above average. It helped that I am a late bloomer and in my surroundings, most people are IMO already beyond their peak of looks, while I am at it (or before it). It seems like being only 26, most people peak earlier. I will never get those HS years back that I was average at best, but I must say that I am happy it turned out this way.

    With that said, it does not come easy. I do workout, I have a skincare routine, I do put a lot of money and effort into fashion and have the luck to be 6’4”.

  18. When I went to College and had no style or sense of fashion and still had girls wanting to know me in my most unrefined state. I look back and cringe at myself and still wonder how but I’ve always struggled internally with confidence so I’ve never really taken advantage of my looks.

  19. I was 14. Got lots of attention, plus my mother got me the Masters and Johnson’s books, I learned how to “do it”, then the ball started rolling.

    Also, being in a band gives you extra props.

  20. I don’t think I am but I get told I am.

    Through school I was quite shy and humble I was a little chubby. I guess puberty came to the table and helped me out and shot me up to 6’2 and lean plus playing basketball etc. Alway’s kinda kept the sort of humbleness (if thats a word) I had into my 20s.

    Though I realised only recently In the past year that I am, since leaving my 10 year relationship. Tinder matches, dates, breaking hearts (which im not proud of mind you), interest from what I would call, 9s and 10s.

    How has it been? Well it’s nice to know I have interest and all but it has kinda caused a lot of issues. I like being humble to be very honest.

  21. Lost some weight(20ish lbs), got a new haircut and started dressing in slim fit clothing. Started having attractive girls approaching me at bars and parties. At first i thought someone was fucking with me, then it lead to sex and i was like wtf guess im ok looking. Went online, made some friends and we eventually all revealed our faces to each other, everyone made comments on how good looking i was. Started to socialize more since confident was growing, kept getting comments on how good looking i was even from other dudes. Finally, went to an online face rating website and people kept rating me 7.5/8 and the others were getting 5/6(despite the previous factors, I was still very insecure and kinda still am). Was really eye opening that my whole life I thought i was hideous and it was more my extremely shy personality/lack of styling that held me back from dating more(and dropping 20lbs obviously helped). Advice to you guys reading this thinkin your ugly, try getting to a pretty low bodyfat and a new haircut/facial hair style. It can really help. I don’t think theres that many guys who are truly ugly, just maybe a little overweight and not styling themselves the way they should.

  22. Well I am a homebody and an introvert so I seldomly go out. I used to be obese and never got the time of day from women for most of my life. Lost a ton of weight previously but was still overweight until recently.

    This year I got to around 16% bodyfat and put on a little muscle. Got hit on for the first time in my life at a bookstore earlier this year. Didn’t go anywhere, was kind of a hit and run compliment but it felt great.

    I still haven’t adjusted to the attention and I smile like a dumbass every time I catch a girl staring at me.

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