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When did you notice your old man heavy breathing and grunts when taking basic actions?

*stands up* ugh
*bends down* sigh
*grabs cup* pfff

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  1. My dad was kind of out of shape so he was sort of always like that…

    But ironically after a brush with bladder cancer he’s lost like 80 pounds, so his breathing isn’t quite as heavy at the least healthy time of his life.

  2. OK, most of you guys commenting here are WAY too young to attribute anything you describe to actual ageing. You are just out of shape. Get in shape.

    HINT: Standing up from a chair gets remarkably easier if you are also able to squat a heavy barbell below paralel and get back up.

  3. Guys, go to the gym. Regularly. And eat better.

    Also consider yoga.

    Most of the listed ages are way too young to be experiencing this.

    Invest in yourself. You’re worth it.

  4. If you don’t, cardio helps out significantly with that. There’s a thing actually where your risk of heart disease can be somewhat loosely correlated based on if you’re out of breath trying to tie your shoes. It’s also a thing for those [who have heart failure](

    Once I did start cardio, no more heavy breathing and grunts for basic things. Also, heavy breathing recovery is faster after lifting heavy objects.

  5. 19, started by a two unknown masses growing in the spines nerve canal.

    Now 22 and still having issues of the aftermath (mainly chest muscle cramping and restricting my breathing to a low amount.)

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