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When did you decide to make your life revolve around your religion/spiritual practices?

Whatever beliefs you have, when did you decide it was time to do something different?

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  1. When I was about 16 and my grandmother had died, and before she died she was the one that was my “spiritual guidance”. So I was looking for a new well of wisdom.

    When i was about 24 i decided that although i need religous and spiritual practices, those don’t need to come from an external source, let alone an organized religion.

    I can imagine that people that thirst for community never really grow out of it, but my “spiritual journey” was always a search for wisdom and knowledge. And sadly, the more established a community the less wisdom and knowledge was to be found there.

    And i didn’t just try one religion or spiritual path, i’ve tried many and read many holy books. But i just ended up forming my own imaginations i was willing to believe in and forming rituals around them that i need to make my life more bearable and comfortable.

    At this point i woulnd’t even know what to call myself, and i find that very comfortable.

  2. I’ve been searching for God since I’ve been having some wierd dreams where a light tells me to come forward. I’m a Muslim but non-practicing. I’m trying to connect so I can get my deen back in mode. I strayed away many times because I lost faith but im beginning to get it back.

    I base things of my life on my religion now. I don’t sleep with chicks like I used to, I stopped drinking, im trying to pray properly.

    My life never goes as imagined when I leave God, only when do I come to him does my life feel content.

  3. Tbh and ik this is unpopular. I was born katholic, became Baptist, then atheist and now tbh I like Satan.

    There’s a reason for that too, I have to believe that the man in the sky that loves me but will torture me for all times or I can like (not believe) in a figure that u can relate to.

    Think lucy from Lucifer. That’s sort of how I view the situation. Just a guy struggling through a predetermined life

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