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When did you build your first PC? What was like?

I am 19 and i am wondering if i am behind the curve if i haven’t built a PC

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  1. 2005-ish. It was like a computer that ran Command and Conquer: Generals, and that’s what I built it for. Coincidentally, I’m still using the same Logitech MX510 mouse right now that I bought for that rig.

  2. My first build (2001) wasn’t really a fresh build; I swapped everything from a boring Dell case, to a cool aftermarket case. I added a 2nd stick of RAM at the same time. It took a lot of the anxiety out of doing it, since I knew it was all compatible, had Windows installed, and there wasn’t anything crazy to figure out. But the experience of doing that swap took all the nervousness out of doing a fresh build a couple of years later, which I put in that same case (then trashed the Dell garbage).

  3. 15-16, I think? It was alright. It’s no rocket science. It looks a lot more intimidating than it is.

    And considering the vast majority of people have never, nor *will* never build their own PC, no, you’re not behind any curve.

  4. I was around 15 at the time. Pretty sure it was an Intel Celeron and a TNT2 graphics card. First game on it was Unreal Tournament, I think….

    It was a bit nerve wrecking because back then, coolers weren’t as easy to mount as today. My current PC build by comparison was insanely easy to put together, because everything is snap-on today.

    But that’s more me being me. I just enjoy doing things from scratch in general. I wouldn’t consider you to be “behind the curve” at any age. Building your own PC is just a matter of price and practicality: It’s easy, fun and way cheaper than a pre-built one.

    And there are tons of resources and tutorials. [Linus Tech Tips]( is pretty good, and [Henry Cavill]( built one live on stream.

  5. 1990 I was in year 7. The 486 had just been released, so I saved up pocket money from chores etc, and bought an out of date 386 for cheap, and transferred over sound card (remember those!) etc. over by myself. Still worked after, I was amazed 🙂

    Since then, I’ve worked in IT, done everything from build multi-core servers, blade servers, Delidded my own PCs, put them under water, under phase change compressors, hardware mods, software overclocking.

    None of it is really that hard. People are just afraid of breaking expensive stuff.

  6. 1989? It was an IBM PC-XT clone. At that time you didn’t have the massive number of options today, and you could get stats that allowed you to make intelligent comparisons. You picked a microprocessor, a motherboard form-factor (if you already had the case) or a couple of key features you wanted–a certain bus architecture, a hard-drive interface type. Once you had that, you had a manageable number of choices regarding graphics cards, memory, and peripherals and special-purpose cards.

    The first machine I built was so-so. They got better as my budget got better and technology improved, but it also got a lot more complicated.

    The first PC I bought in 1987 was pre-built. I didn’t buy another pre-built machine until 2011, which is the one I’m using right now.

  7. Started with a few old pieces from old computers. Watched linus on youtube.

    Ay whaddoya know It’s no that annoying as cleaning one.

    Eventually built my 5k computer.

    Only a few problems, I’ll fix them later

  8. The year was 2005, the Prescott Pentiums were all the rage and I wanted one. So I build me a PC with it, it had a whopping 1024MB of RAM. I was so proud of it.

    I vividly remember buying Doors XP license with that PC. It cost as much as that CPU … crazy.

  9. 21, just built mine a month ago! It was a tough project but unbelievably satisfying to build. My build was around 1.1k and runs Cyberpunk like a charm–if you wanna save money, I’d wait a month or two for prices to go down. Holidays made the supply run thin.

  10. The last PC my parents bought was a Pentium 166 MMX. I added a better graphics card, more memory and a bigger hard drive.

    After that I built my first fully custom machine which was based on a 450 Mhz Pentium III. As it was standard around the year 2000, it was a beige box and was modified heavily over time.

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