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When a girl posts a thirst trap but her room/background looks like a it a turnoff?

When a girl posts a thirst trap but her room/background looks like a it a turnoff?

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  1. Posts a what now?


    Anyway messy backgrounds tell a big story about the person. Doesnt matter who you are, how you’re posing – if thats the state you live in then thats just not good. Tidy your shit up people!

  2. Honestly any picture with a girl who has their tongue out, makes duck lips, or does that horrible crosseyed retard face that got popular on Tik Tok( your generation is fucked lol) is an immediate No for me

  3. Is this about getting your tongue stuck inside glass bottles because you’ve been trying to use it as a straw? I mean, what kinda idiot would do that, you’d have to be dumb to even think about it right?

  4. Thirst traps imply a need for validation from random strangers. That’s a red flag in and of itself. Having a messy room isn’t an inherent red flag, people have varying levels of cleanliness at varying times. However, having a messy room in the background of a Thirst Trap is *exponentially worse* than either alone.

    First, it hints at warped priorities. Getting validation from random strangers online usually involves *trying to get validation*. While the background of any given thirst trap isn’t the point, the frame of any picture can change its perceived value. Putting a (potentially valuable) picture in a shoddy frame makes it look less important; the picture may still be of inherent quality.

    It’s like buying a purebred puppy for $1000 and then keeping it in a cardboard box. Is the puppy cute? Yeah, but most people are just concerned about what’s around it in the photo…

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