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What’s your girl type? What’s your perfect 10/10, looks and personality?

What’s your girl type? What’s your perfect 10/10, looks and personality?

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  1. Smart, knowledgeable, passionate, funny, caring, would be the main perks that attract me from the personality

    The girl type and looks are relative and change according to what I like a that specific moment, I have preferences obviously but they also change with time

  2. Intellectual, humble, bookish, geeky, smart. Those words describe women’s personalities that I like. Unfortunately, women try to hide those traits so it is hard for me to meet the ones I really like.

    As for looks, it’s a little harder, and again, I’m probably not mainstream or anywhere near it. I like small breasts, short fingernails, no makeup or perfume. I also like nice eyes, legs, hands, etc. Hands aren’t really sexy exactly, but they seem interesting sometimes, like they reveal how a person lives their life.

    I noticed a comment your wrote about men’s interests compared to current beauty standards. I can say quite emphatically that most current beauty standards don’t really appeal to me at all, and that spreading those ideals around society like the media do annoys me because it makes women think that is what all men want. Believe me, there are quite a few of us out there who don’t want that. Most of are single, wading through the millions of women who try so hard to be what the media says they should be, and we usually don’t find what we are looking for. Although, I will admit that as women are slowing realizing that the media don’t represent the collective opinion of men, the situation seems to be improving, albeit at a snail’s pace.

  3. Generally tall and rugged (like, she should looks like she could kick my arse). Dark hair and blue or grey eyes are a big plus. Not really bothered either way about boobs, but some muscle definition is very nice.

    In terms of personality, smart and ambitious, but also kind.

  4. I’m more into the nerdy intellectual types, just because that’s what I am. But they also need to be humble and not pretentious about it. I can’t people who think they’re superior to everyone just because they are good at math or have a certain degree or job. Similarly, she needs to be able to “turn it off” and just chill the fuck out and talk about normal stuff too. I go to grad school with too many people who never seem to talk about anything except their research or whatever important thing they have due next. They just need to chill out and take a night off and have a beer. Hard work is important, but so is relaxing and enjoying the moment. Everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time.

    It’s also important that she is energetic and enthusiastic about trying new things like traveling, music, food, etc. I like variety.

    Also self confidence is very important. Someone who knows who they are and isn’t afraid to be themselves, regardless of what everyone else does. Obviously kindness, loyalty, and a sense of humor are important too.

    As far as looks go I like dark hair and dark skin, so I often end up liking black, Latina, or Arab women. I like girls around my height (5’9) or a little shorter, and I’m generally into curvier women. Call me simple, but I like big breasts and butts lol.

    I’m very lucky that my girlfriend fits all of these categories. It’s is why I love her so much, even if she’s kinda crazy sometimes.

  5. Small, shy, soft, and kind. Someone who looks delicate like a bird. Strong girls are cool, sexy girls are cool, but small cute girls that make me feel protective at a glance are the ones I like the most. If they somehow managed to have a tomboy personality on top of that then they’d be an instant 11/10 for me.

  6. Rocker/stoner girls I suppose. Pretty, chill, doesn’t have to be into Black Sabbath but that’s just a bonus. Honestly it’s really hard to pinpoint right now. I guess the one determining factor for type is me but lately types feel pretty restrictive. I suppose some qualifying details are: do I find attractive, what’s her personality like and do I want to be around her, how does she treat those around her.

  7. slim, pretty face, a little tall (maybe 5’8″ to 6′” ideal height). dont really care much about boobs or ass.

    personality just someone that i can get along with which is pretty easy since i get along with almost anyone

  8. Looks: Olive skin tone(think like Hispanic, Mediterranean, parts of Asia,etc) , dark hair, average height, long legs, C cup breast size, shapely butt.

    Personality: equal parts sweet and savage. Career oriented, someone I just have a natural chemistry with, it’s kind of hard to describe

  9. i didnt know I had a type until I looked back on the women I have dated. The two hottest ones were:

    hovering around 5′ tall

    red hair

    pale green eyes

    small tits

    round curvy ass

    abdominal line

    extremely bubbly high energy personality

  10. Lesbians according to my friends.

    I like masculine women, short (and colored) hair, tomboys, strong personalities, and women who are independent and know what they want. It’s gotten to the point where if I say a girl is cute to my friends they immediately know which girl I’m talking about, and more than half the time they’re gay.

    No worries though, they’re always super sweet about it and I’ve made quite a few friends who have said they were flattered. Just waiting for them to introduce me to their friends haha

  11. Brunette, dark complexion (Hispanic or
    Mediterranean), educated. The rest depends on the individual, it’s a combination of different things that makes her unique and attractive, to me.

  12. Slender or fit body type, long straight hair (color doesn’t matter), c-d cups, dresses feminine, full lips… and here comes the lesson: Had all this with my Ex, but her personality was shit. So there is more than just looks.

  13. I don’t really have a type in terms of looks, but I do love dimples, Caramel skin and long black hair. It’s not a requirement to make a 10/10 but it’s a preference.

    Personality? Well I like a girl who has her head on her shoulders, a good heart and is just really sweet towards everybody.

  14. A 10/10 looks is different than a 10/10 personality and a 10/10 girl.
    It’s changed and I’m sure it’ll change later but right now a 10/10 girl would be:
    About my height
    Brown eyes
    Nice smile

  15. **Personality:** girl should be nice, kind and sweet most importantly empathetic, but fierce/confident enough to call me out on my bullshit in private and to wait for me/want me to change, willing to change/improve herself over time and accept criticism, able to handle bad/terrible jokes, can make fun of herself without issue, little bit of a tomboy, is able to fight/argue with me in a fair manner, good communicator both speaking and listening, able to make decisions

    happy (or at least moderately happier than me-that’s one happy girl in my office who sometimes skips around the corridor and it’s super adorable), if she’s outgoing in public but introverted or shy privately that’s super cute, able to drag me out if I’m being emo

    likes to learn stuff, willing to share her hobbies/teach me her hobbies, =>semi nerdy/techy to handle my nonsense (interest), as smart or slightly smarter than me, down to share household chores with me (slightly household/car handy), likes animals, open to child adoption

    open to religion, independent/secure enough to be without me for long periods but also happy to spend time with me,able to be bored next to me and not having something on every week, down to cuddle/be affectionate? Easy going on money issues but not a huge spender. Bonus points if she was in the military.

    **Looks:** uh I can get attracted to almost anything especially if the personality fits but guess I prefer lighter hair color skin tones. Moderately big eyes to big eyes. My height or slightly shorter. Nice/cute smile. Prefer if she had better eyesight than me so potential children won’t be half blind. Bonus for cute ears. Prefer natural hair and eye color, longish hair

    Mostly she has to be cute in my eyes. There’s lots of attractive girls around me but only a few I consider cute and am actually attracted to beyond superficially. Attractiveness fades after a while but I feel as if cuteness lingers. Also fit and active so not too chubby

    And for some reason she needs to have low enough standards to really actually like me slightly younger than me would be nice too


    tldr: personality: empathetic, willing to work and communicate with me, open to religion, cuddles, accept and dish out useful criticism

    looks: looks cute to me, slightly shorter and younger than me, light hair and skin tone, nice eyes/smile, active

  16. It depends on how she “adds up.” Two women could near-identical qualities and yet, for reasons I couldn’t put my finger on, I could desire the one and completely ignore or loathe the other.

  17. P: Confident and wants to be in charge, but still avoids hurting me. She’s kind of nerdy and doesn’t mind me rambling about my favorite books. She likes to sing.

    L: Long hair, at least some butt

  18. Funny enough I met one that sort of ticked off all the boxes but was taken.

    Thin, dark hair, funny, can take a joke and deal with my dumb shit, compassion, kind, has her shit together and smart and into fitness. Also big boobs are nice.

  19. Reserved in public but fun with me, blonde, adventurous, similar hobbies, level headed, emotionally controlled, drive, physically fit, Health focused, subtle and casually dressed, low maintenance, no make up needed, independent, passionate, resilient.

  20. Personality:

    – Loving, caring

    – Serious about long term relationships

    – Funny. That just works on me.

    – Intelligent, can have conversation about almost anything

    – Apolitical

    – Doesn’t hate men.


    – Redhead

    – Around 5’6″

    – Curves in all the right places

    – Gorgeous smile

    So…my girlfriend!

  21. Personality – quiet, intelligent, introspective, empathetic, weird, quirky, light hearted, kind and loving

    Looks – small, short (4’10-5-3), skinny but not too skinny, pale skin, red hair, vibrant lips, green or blue eyes.

  22. I like petite/slim, with a little rib flair (its the weirdest thing to find attractive especially considering i have it and hate it), with dark hair and maybe either a few stylish tattoos or none at all and glasses are always a plus. Also I love a girl that isn’t afraid to grow her hairs out wherever she wants. Small boobs too if i can be that superficial… but bigger isn’t a bad thing at the end of the day.

    But over all that intelligence is so sexy, a unique taste in music and movies is a must. I fucking love people that introduce me to new music especially if it’s something I normally wouldn’t listen to. Maybe a late bloomer too so we can kind of do the things I missed out on together.

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